Why Your Company Needs a Shredding Service

Data breaches aren’t just found online. Shredding confidential information and sensitive corporate data is just as important to overall company security as having an internet firewall.

Every year, Verizon releases a Data Breach Investigations Report. This report is based on actual data breaches rather than unreliable surveys.

In 2013, based on 1,367 data breaches and more than 63,000 security incidents, Verizon found that 46% of security incidents within the healthcare industry were the result of lost or stolen assets. These physical thefts and loss of assets occur most often in the office and not from homes or personal vehicles.

There are no laws against “dumpster diving.” After your business disposes of its documents, it has no claim to its privacy.

Protecting information such as customer lists, meeting notes, and financial printouts becomes increasingly important.  Think of the damage one disgruntled employee could do.


















You may have stacks of paper filled with classified documents. Or you may have a few sheets with notes of bank information or other personal data – whatever the case, investing in a document destruction (also known as paper-shredding service) may be just what your company needs to prevent stolen data.

Rather than purchasing a paper shredder, your organization can hire a shredding service. Whether you need weekly service or have a large, one-time destruction project, you can hire JK Moving Services to provide secure solutions.

Shredding can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can destroy anything from paper to hard drives and the shredded materials are later recycled, helping reduce the impact on the environment.

Here is a video on just how we securely destroy a hard drive:

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