What to Do to Ensure a Successful Office Move

There are a myriad of details and logistics involved in making an office move go smoothly. One element we’d like to discuss is the shuttle in an office move. In a commercial relocation, movers will rely on a shuttle with two sets of crews. One crew is positioned at the old office and a different crew at the new office, with commercial trucks traveling between the two locations.

What makes for a successful relocation?

At JK Moving, we rely on what we call the “Bucket Brigade.” The Bucket Brigade is a way to ensure the optimal number of crew members are on each relocation and it is the most effective way to move commercial goods. At JK, we understand that furniture moves at one speed, so we strive to minimize the number of trips that it takes to move everything for better efficiency.

The JK Boxless Move in action.
The JK Boxless Move in action.

All movers move a chair, filing cabinet, or desk in the same manner (that is, we are all dependent on the size and speed of the elevator at both the origin and destination buildings). To create efficiencies, JK has the ability to use the spider crane, space gobblers, and the Boxless Move to move contents inside the furniture instead of the furniture and contents separately, minimize packing and unloading and move qualified filing cabinets and desks full.

One key to a successful commercial shuttle is the constant flow of items being loaded onto and off of the truck. Once the furniture is properly dollied, the Bucket Brigade shines. We space members of the crew approximately 50 feet apart in the office space. Each member takes the commercial goods and moves them to the next check point, passing the items to the next team member. This process covers the move from the office to the loading dock and this system keeps everything moving in a timely manner.

What is the most important position in this chain? Believe it or not, it is the person who is on the elevator. All commercial movers are beholden to the speed of the elevator. For efficient use of the elevator, you want to ensure it is loaded and unloaded as safely and quickly as possible. This means there will always be someone waiting to load the elevator and unload the elevator. This is why the elevator at both locations should be reserved ahead of time.

Just as the crews are positioned for maximum efficiency, so must the commercial trucks. A shuttle is a minimum of three trucks, one truck loading, one truck unloading, and one truck driving between the two locations.* The further apart the origin and destination buildings are, the more trucks needed for an efficient shuttle.

*There are many factors that go into the number of trucks on a commercial relocation, such as size of the move, time of the day, and location. Your commercial sales representative will be happy to explain in detail for your upcoming move.

With the crews and trucks in rhythm, your commercial relocation will be a buzz of controlled activity. This process starts with an accurate estimate and finishes with JK’s full-time, career-minded, IOMI® certified employees.

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