Veterans Day 2012

How we, and other movers, move the service men and women of America. Today, we’d like to thank all service members and veterans who serve and have served our country. As you know, Veterans Day is November 11, 2012. What you might not know however, is the system that our military members go through when they have to move.

How often are service men and women moving?

For the most part, service men and women move every two years. Today, we’re going to focus on the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move and what is involved in that process.

How is a service member’s move different?

Our service men and women use an online system (known as DPS) that provides a “Self Counseling” process prior to their move. During this online interview the service member provides the logistical information of their move including, number of family members, number of rooms, how much they want to move, and any other important information. This new system is more convenient than the previous one because it’s more readily available to anyone with an internet connection.

Once they have entered their information, they are assigned to a qualified moving company and the mover is able to interact directly with the service member. Moving companies are not allowed to solicit service members directly; they can only be assigned moves.

What services are guaranteed?

Regardless of rank, all service men and women receive the following for their move: in-home surveys, professional packing, delivery, storage, and full and complete unpacking. Please note, the packing has to be a “carrier pack,” meaning the mover has to pack all the belongings, even if it means re-packing previously packed boxes with professional crews.

How are they protected?

Due to the volume of service members moving every year and the vital jobs they have, it’s important that they receive the very best. All movers are graded on the move they’ve provided. Movers are judged on the perception the service member has of the move, not the pricing or quality of the move. This is a step in guaranteeing the service members are receiving a great move and their families are taken care of.

At JK, we are grateful to both current service members and veterans who have served our country and we say thank you. If you have any additional questions, we’re more than happy to answer them in the comments section below or direct you to the right resource.

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