Training JK’s Future Leadership

At JK, we know that we’re only as good as the people who work here. One of the keys to our success is investing in our employees. And recently, our own Doug Hatch, Local Dispatch Manager of our Maryland division, successfully completed the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) Leaders Program.  This intense, five-month course offers the latest practical techniques and tools to help unlock leadership potential.

We recently sat down with Doug to learn more about his experience, what he learned, and how he will apply his new knowledge at JK.

2014 AMSA Leaders Program
AMSA Leaders Program Graduating Class
Doug Hatch: middle row, 3rd from the left

How is someone chosen for this leadership program?

AMSA’s Research & Education Committee chooses applicant from the 4,000 member companies. Candidates must submit a detailed application, a letter of support from the company’s CEO, and their resume. Only 25 people are chosen each year, so it’s pretty competitive. This year, we had 17 graduates of the program.



What does the program entail?

It’s an intense program that is challenging and extremely rewarding. It teaches practical techniques on how to manage issues in the work place. The program entails a lot of psychology-based principles, and I took part in several self-analysis tools and behavioral self-assessments. Each week you receive 15-20 pages of course work, requiring 2-4 hours of work weekly. The group attended webinars and seminars from different leadership outlets. There were instructors with doctorates teaching us about leadership in general and how to be a better leader.

What impressed you most about the program?

As with anything, you get what you put into it. It was challenging but very practical. The General Manager of JK’s Residential Division, Michael Petersen, the General Manager of JK’s Maryland office, Tom Grass, and JK’s CEO, Chuck Kuhn, all encouraged me to do this program. Chuck, in particular, is all about training and investing in his employees. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the moving industry. It was great to get perspective from others in the moving industry.

What could you use day to day at JK?

Employing strategic planning and setting smart, reasonable goals. A close second is talent development. I see the value in really leading the people on your team.
We congratulate Doug on his accomplishment! We can’t wait to see what new ideas and suggestions he will bring to the company.

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