The Power of Networking

Laura Ware, Tim Kerin and Mark Teitelbaum
I have learned many great things over the past 6 years in sales, but networking has been by far my greatest pay off.

A recent example of the Power of Networking.

I am in a weekly networking group with 39 other people, all of whom are from different industries. One of the cool things about this group being so large and diverse is that more often than not, when you ask for an intro in to a particular company, someone knows someone. Last week, “I asked if anyone knew anyone at Snyder Cohn, a company that I had been referred to by Jones Lange LaSalle (the building management company).” I felt good about going in to the appointment with the referral, but in this market any extra help I can get the better position I will be in.

As they say, ask and you shall receive, the Financial Advisor in our group came up to me after the meeting and said “I know one of the partners there, I will make a call for you”, BINGO.. referral number two. 🙂

The next morning, I met with the move point of contact and we had a great conversation (a very nice size move), she took me around the office, and then she took me to meet the partner. My POC told me that before I came in she had gotten an email from the partner with a glowing recommendation about me and JK Moving Services. When I was introduced to the partner, she smiled and said “Funny thing, I was at a Bisnow Event this morning and met a nice guy who owned a furniture company, I told him I wish I had met him a few months ago, but we are set with the furniture.” He said ” Do you have a mover yet, I know the best moving company in the industry and I would love to refer them to you. It is Laura Ware with JK Moving & Storage” She said ” As a matter of fact, we are meeting with Laura Ware this morning, what a small world.”

You got it, three referrals to the same company who originally did not know JK Moving Services or me.

The Power of Networking!!

BNI networking meeting

(Ron Dobransky, VP Rockville Printing & Laura Ware Sr Account Manager with JK Moving & Storage, Ron was reading a testimonial that was sent from Amazon.Com saying what a great job we did for them.)

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