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Smooth Sailing to CanadaMoving residential customers to Canada is a unique experience.  It’s one of the few international moves that can be done over-the-road and where the customer has to clear customs themselves. A moving company can assist in the process but the customer has to be at customs.  A more typical international move involves a ship or shipping by air freight.

JK is pleased to announce that we are a bonded Canadian carrier. To explain the importance of this designation, we’ll outline a move from Washington, D.C. to Toronto, Canada from two different perspectives; the first, moving without a bonded carrier and the second moving with a bonded carrier.

Moving to Canada without Using a Bonded Carrier

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are moving to Toronto and have chosen a qualified mover to move their belongings from Washington, D.C. to their new home. Their goods will be properly packed and an accurate inventory will be created. When the truck carrying their belongings arrives at the Canadian border, their goods must go through customs. And Mr. and Mrs. Smith must be at customs with the driver so they can go through the process together.

This means the Smiths have to travel from Toronto to meet their driver at the border. The challenge with this is the timing. Much like long distance moves, the Smiths will have received a delivery window. There is no guarantee that the driver will be at the border exactly when expected, as delays do happen. Their belongings will eventually arrive to their home but the Smiths will have spent numerous hours driving to and from the border and will possibly have rented a hotel room for a night. Moving without a bonded carrier can cause additional delays along with a longer time commitment from the customer.

Moving to Canada with a Bonded Carrier

Again, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are moving to Toronto and have chosen a qualified, bonded Canadian carrier to manage their move. Again, their goods will be properly packed and inventoried. The difference between this scenario and the previous one is that a bonded carrier will be able to drive into Canada without having to meet with the customer at the border.

By having the proper documentation to enter the country, a bonded carrier can drive directly to a customs office in Toronto where the customs process will happen. This is easier, more efficient, and less hassle for the customer.

More Information about JK’s Status as a Bonded Carrier

The bonded carrier status is not specific to Toronto; JK can enter at any border crossing for any Canadian city. JK, along with other bonded carriers, must carry an active $25,000 insurance bond. The reason is two-fold. One, it identifies JK as a reputable company to the Canadian government. And two, it provides coverage to the Canadian residents in the event of an accident or claims.

When moving to Canada, we still recommend receiving three in-home estimates and choosing a qualified mover. Ask if they are bonded, because you’ll want to know ahead of time if you have to meet your driver at the border to go through customs or if you can meet your driver in a warehouse in your new city.

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