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While JK Moving Services is primarily known for residential and commercial moving, did you know we offer information management solutions through our Archives team? Today, we’ll discuss the advantages of digital imaging as a way to improve access to your critical business information.

In today’s digitally-connected world, organizations need to access, share, and collaborate on documents and files at a moment’s notice, safely and securely. While JK’s vast warehouses securely store hard copy documents, more and more of our clients require access to their business records instantly. We can deliver this access through high-quality scanning with secure 24/7 accessibility to the image library. Now, you can respond faster to internal or client requests, make better decisions, and have access to the information you need, when you need it.

Some of the benefits of working with JK’s information management system:

  • Consulting services – we would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on a cost-effective solution that works best for you and your business
  • Fully vetted employees – background checks, pre-employment drug screenings, post-hire random drug screenings, and e-Verify validation ensures your information is managed by trustworthy, professional staff members
  • Training on current regulations and issues surrounding the industry, for example, HIPAA regulations
  • Quality control through our production scanning equipment and indexing monitors
  • Stringent document management procedures and a secure facility to maintain a chain of custody throughout the process.

JK Archives Team – Consulting Services

Clients can take advantage of our expertise to help determine what is best for their business. We work with each client to customize a solution and find a cost-effective way to store critical business records.

By combining hard-copy document storage with electronic media storage, you can have access to frequently needed documents in an efficient format, while storing less-needed files in hard copy.

Faster Is Not Necessarily Better

With image scanning, many companies are focused on speed rather than attention to detail.  While “high-speed” production equipment can scan at a faster rate, it is impossible to control visual quality at the point of capture. Our production scanners operate at a speed that allows a professional operator to visually verify the quality of each document with the naked eye as it is being scanned.

To ensure quality, we have created an indexing process, which we perform in house to eliminate mismatched images. This also provides us the opportunity to conduct a second visual inspection of each image to ensure quality and accuracy.

It is not uncommon for imaging companies to contract portions of the process – like indexing services – to a third party data entry firm. These firms are frequently based overseas, allowing your images to travel around the world day and night, creating potential security fail points.

There are many benefits to storing company files at a Records Center.
There are many benefits to storing company files at a Records Center.

Our Archives Advantage

We offer customized information management solutions. Our team will work with you to determine your scanning and hard copy records needs based on the following criteria:

  • The frequency and speed in which you need to access your records
  • Who within the organization needs the information
  • From where will they access the data
  • Financial benefit or loss potential (e.g., accounts receivable, point of delivery).

JK is a leading information management and storage provider, and with our reputation for excellent service, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our imaging capabilities for your organization.

To learn more, visit our JK Records Management page.

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