Safety and Numbers

With over 125 crew members lifting everything from pianos to conference tables, 128 drivers logging close to 3 million miles on the nation’s roads, and 40 staff members fork-lifting storage containers in our warehouses every day, Workers’ Compensation Injury statistics really mean something to JK. Numbers are more than just numbers – they translate to the people we work with and see every day. These statistics mean that no one has been injured lifting and loading heavy furniture, stacking pallets 30 feet high in our warehouses, or servicing and driving the hundreds of trucks we put on the road each day. It’s rare that you crow about low numbers, but in 2010 we had the fewest number of job-related injuries in the entire last decade at JK.


Here are a few of our teams and the number of days they have worked without a crew member having a Workers’ Compensation Injury:

  • Long Distance Moving Team: 392 days without injury
  • Virginia Local Moving Team:   293 days without injury
  • Commercial Team:                251 days without injury
  • JK Maryland Team:               132 days without injury
  • Virginia Warehouse Team: 138 days without injury


To reach these incredible milestones, there are a few of important ingredients in our success:

  1. JK sets up 90-day, injury-free milestones for each team to work toward. Each milestone is rewarded with a celebration, like a nice dinner out for the team.
  2. JK’s mandatory training and certification program ensures each driver and crew member knows the best way to do their job and avoid injury.
  3. JK’s management team makes team safety an ongoing priority.

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Check out some photos from recent team dinners, celebrating these terrific accomplishments.  We are proud of the records we are setting each day that we work injury-free, and having all of our crew members in good health is truly what matters most.

The Virginia Warehouse team prepares for a celebratory feast.
The Virginia Warehouse team prepares for a celebratory feast.
The Commercial Team shares a light moment.
The Commercial Team shares a light moment.

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