5 Questions to Ask Prior to Selecting an Office Mover for your Commercial Relocation

Commercial moving presents different challenges than residential moving. For example, how are your files going to be handled? How much lost productivity will there be due to employee downtime? Today, we would like to share five questions to ask your commercial mover before your next office relocation.

Are you certified by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®)?

IOMI® offers training programs for the best practices in office moving, teaching movers how to minimize the risk of damage to walls, floors, doors, and elevators. Additionally, those certified learn how to minimize the risk of damage to computer equipment and furniture. In addition to asking if a mover is IOMI® certified, ask about their proprietary training methods as well.

How will you transport my files?

No business can afford lost or mixed up files, so be sure to ask any potential mover how they will treat your files. JK will make use of the spider crane, on filing cabinets that qualify, which decreases employee downtime and allows you access to your files until the day of the move.

How will you transport my computers?

Much like files, no business can afford damage to computers during a move. We can tell you about the Comp-U-Wrap system and how we keep all computer components together, but we would rather show you.

Do you offer Archiving services?

A commercial relocation is the perfect opportunity to store your records off-site. When you store your records off-site, they will be scanned into a system so you will know exactly where to find every file. No longer will you have to dig through boxes to find one file. Additionally, you can make sure that a retention schedule is being followed and records are being destroyed when they should be.

What should I do with all of my old furniture?

One way to minimize the cost of relocation is to limit how much is being moved. An office relocation is a great opportunity to donate unwanted office furniture. Many companies, like JK, work with schools, shelters, and non-profits to help your company’s old furniture experience a rebirth. Click here to see what furniture we recycle and what organizations we work with.

Commercial relocations offer unique challenges for a mover. When deciding on your mover, you want to make sure that your items will be properly handled and there will be minimal employee downtime. If you have any other “must ask” questions for commercial movers, please share in the comments below.


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