Moving with Children – Make Moving Day Fun for Kids

On the first and third Thursday of the month, movers from across North America would participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips, and advice are shared.

Q1. What are some tips to involve your children leading up to move day?

HolmanMoving It’s a good idea to show them the new home in advance of moving – that way they can visualize where they will be.

HAuston Talk about moving. Give them as much information as possible!

jkmoving Have your children pack up their own rooms (or a box or two), and let them help organize their new room

hireahelper let them sort through their room into “keep” and “give away” piles. Teaches importance of sharing, and saves room later

Moveline When visiting the new home, show them their room and ask them where they want to put their belongings. Let them be part of it.

Moveline There’s also a lot of great children’s books that talk about moving! Check out the library

EasyMove We advise instant kid’s box w/fav pillow case, night lite, teddy bear, wall hanging. Items to feel instantly at home in new room.

Q2. How can you make the last night easier for your child?

Moveline Make sure they have a few familiar items with them for the last night, like favorite toys, books or blankets.

HolmanMoving Just spend quality time with your kids, answer any questions they have and BE POSITIVE!

HAuston Have pictures on hand of what your new home will look like, share ideas about how they might decorate their new rooms.

jkmoving Go visit their favorite places, visit their friends and family

Moveline You can also have a family dinner on the last night and talk about the exciting things to come

Q3. How can you involve your children on move day?

HolmanMoving It’s really best that children aren’t underfoot on moving day. Plan a goodbye event with children in the neighborhood!

Moveline Find small tasks they can help with, like packing any leftover toys or writing on boxes (if old enough)

EasyMove Have list of why new home is better: bigger yard, kids close by, own room or shared room. Be positive & be creative w/reasons!

HAuston Assure your kids that their contributions, will be valued and greatly appreciated.

jkmoving Depending on your child’s age, it might be best to have them out of the house. Plan a play date with their best friends.

Moveline Make sure you make plans for moving day with your kids in advance, regardless. Planning makes for a smoother day

Q4. Final question, any tips or suggestions you have for moving with children?

Moveline Be honest with them and talk about the worries kids have, give them the opportunity to ask questions.

HAuston Your attitude about the move will influence your children’s attitude as well.Be enthusiastic,upbeat,and positive about moving

jkmoving Point out on a map all of the places they’ll stop by and see on the way to the new house

We hope you enjoyed reading the transcript and we welcome you to join in the next chat. MoveChat takes place on the first and third Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. ET. Join in and learn from the pros.

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  1. Interesting article! Children can be of great help when it comes to moving but of course they are so small that it sometimes becomes difficult to keep them engaged.

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