MoveChat – The Customer and Claims

Every Tuesday, movers from across North America participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips and advice are shared. Every week, we discuss a specific part of the moving process. This week the topic was, “The Customer and Claims” and what follows is an edited transcript of the discussion. We invite you to get great advice and tips from the pros. Simply log into Twitter and follow the hashtag #movechat.

Q1. What do customers need to know to protect their items?

ezmovers Protection is all about bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and proper boxes. Everything should have a nice cushioned, but tight fit.

PortageCartage It’s important to UNDERSTAND the types of coverage your mover offers. Ask lots of questions.

jkmoving @PortageCartage Customers should have no fear asking questions, we do this for a living, they do not.

jkmoving Packing yourself? Don’t use newspaper as padding, the ink will run onto your precious belongings making for tedious clean up.

jkmoving Use blank newsprint and save yourself the clean up #movechat

PortageCartage Also, most van lines have video tutorials on how to pack boxes & protect furniture for the DIY types.

ezmovers @PortageCartage I think it’s nice to warn customers that when they pack items themselves we do not cover damages!

Q2. What can customers expect from customer service? And the claims department?

ezmovers Honesty is the best policy and it saves a lot of headaches for both the customers and for us. 🙂

movingpro @jkmoving Definitely all about honesty and treating everyone with respect!

ezmovers Customers should expect customer service to be more lenient and friendly, but claims are handled by the book. Nothing personal

PortageCartage Customers should expect replies to calls/emails, and to be listened to and treated fairly.

jkmoving Honesty on both ends. And we do our best to explain everything happening on our side of a claim

ezmovers @jkmoving Right! And sales should be just as honest when providing an estimate.

jkmoving It’s also really important to explain the type of coverage the customer received when they decided to move

Q2a. How do you treat customers who use review sites for a claim?

ezmovers We respond to them and direct them to our claims department

jkmoving We respond to the review, and send the customer all of the proper forms for a claim. To be handled in Claims dept.

PortageCartage It’s never happened to us, but we would follow up with them privately to ensure it’s resolved appropriately.

Q3. Explain valuation, and should customers buy it?

HolmanMoving Customers should definitely purchase full valuation coverage if they are moving valuable items.

PortageCartage Valuation is comparable to, but is distinct from, insurance. It’s easier to resolve claims when valuation is purchased.

jkmoving Movers can’t legally sell insurance. Valuation is another way to protect your goods, if something were to happen.

ezmovers Full coverage is the best option when the shipment value is higher than $0.30/0.60 p pound n we tell cust about that option 🙂

HolmanMoving If there’s an expensive item that you can’t live without, valuation is critical. It’s really up to a person’s threshold for risk.

movinggal A good start for insurance is looking at your current policy. If you have any riders, you need to identify them 4 the move.

Q4. What are your customer’s most common complaints?

ezmovers The estimate’s increase w additional inventory, which increases the final bill.

HolmanMoving Delivery spreads. A lot of times customers don’t understand why there is a window

PortageCartage The most common type of damage is nicks & scratches on wood furniture.

HolmanMoving @PortageCartage And floors! #movechat

jkmoving They didn’t understand the claims process, and have missed their window.

ezmovers what’s funny is that ppl complain when their items had preexisting damages n the pick up crew already noted it on inventory.

Q5. If you could give one piece of advice for customers regarding claims, what would it be?

PortageCartage Easy one: DON’T PANIC.

HolmanMoving Take tons of pictures of the damage and try to stay calm as you go through the appropriate channels.

jkmoving If you have questions ask. We do this every day and it’s better to answer questions before there is an issue rather than after.

movingpro Try to be calm and patient. Good advice for just about anything in life, really.

ezmovers purchase additional insurance and ask if you don’t understand ur coverage options!

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