MoveChat: Ideas and Tips to Making Moving Day Less Stressful!

Every Tuesday, movers from across North America participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips and advice are shared. Every week, we discuss a specific part of the moving process. This week the topic was, “Creative/Out of the Box Ideas and Tips to Making Moving Day Less Stressful!” and what follows is an edited transcript of the discussion.We invite you to view the full discussion by logging into Twitter and follow the hashtag #movechat.

Q1. What can families do the night before to prepare for moving day, emotionally and logistically?

jkmoving Go over the plan one last time. When are movers going to arrive, when should they be done, etc.

HolmanMoving For some, it’s a good idea to disconnect and spend time together. Go to the movies, grab dinner, etc. Distraction from stress!

jkmoving If you’re moving across the country, you might want to visit your favorite spots one last time.

PortageCartage Here’s creative: sprinkle holy water on all the doorways in the house to bless the new owners. 🙂

HolmanMoving Had a customer walk her son through the house, told all sorts of stories for each room and then promised to build new ones! Cute.

movingpro Defrost the fridge and freezer, gather valuables & important documents. Go over the moving plans one more time. Try to relax.

PortageCartage But seriously, a little ritual goodbye to every room can help a family prepare emotionally for the move.

ezmovers Have a drink and relax, since it’s the nite before the move people should be quite prepared n dream about the new place and life bit!

HolmanMoving Taking pictures is a good idea too!

movingpro Taking pictures is also useful if you want the rooms in the new house to resemble the rooms in the old house.

Q2. What can families expect in the first hour of the move?

HolmanMoving Families can expect the driver to do a walk through of the house before getting started.

PortageCartage Should expect the lead mover to spend a few minutes listening to you & doing intros before the heavy lifting begins.

jkmoving We sit down and explain exactly what’s going to happen for the rest of the day.

Q2a. Where should the customer go once things start then?

jkmoving Customers should stay out of the way of the movers, but at the same time be readily available to answer questions.

PortageCartage Preferably stay by the door, yet out of the way. It’s good to be centrally available if any questions or problems come up.

Q2b. Is there ever a situation where customers should “help” the movers?

HolmanMoving Sometimes customers decide they want to pack certain things – we think that’s ok, as long as they aren’t in the traffic line…

PortageCartage Generally, customers should not help movers, as liability (for goods or injury) doesn’t cover non-employees during the move.

jkmoving We would suggest customers stay away from helping, for liability issues.

Q2c. So customers shouldn’t feel guilty if they are not doing anything?

PortageCartage If they’re paying for a full-service move, they should feel GOOD about not doing anything!

ezmovers Guilty? They are paying and many even state that aloud, and dont move a finger! Right?!

Q3. Should the customer provide refreshments/food?

jkmoving It’s nice, but never expected. Only provide refreshments if want to, don’t feel compelled.

movingpro If they want to provide food, they can. The movers will definitely appreciate it, but they shouldn’t feel obligated.

HolmanMoving It’s not expected, but many customers provide gatorade/soda/water. Especially during the hot summer months. It’s a nice thing.

HolmanMoving Last time I moved, I brought pizzas because I was leaving NYC and needed a last good slice! They were really happy about it!

Q4. What are some fun ways to distract kids so they don’t get underfoot?

jkmoving We have coloring books (and crayons) that we give to the kids. It’s a moving story and entertains them.

movingpro Give them a camera to take pictures of the move and send the pics to their old friends, or post on Facebook.

PortageCartage Bring a pony or a monkey. (just thinking creatively again)

HolmanMoving Kids like to look at the truck too! A quick explanation of it is fun for them.

ezmovers Coloring books..its nice, we used to do it as kids! Today give them the iPhone and they r happy :))

Q5. Any other tips to make moving day easier, less stressful or *gasp* more fun?

movingpro Speak in a British or just a silly accent. It makes everything more fun. Also a moving playlist never hurts.

HolmanMoving When the house is hectic, it’s a good time to walk around and say goodbye to the neighbors!

jkmoving If you’re confused about anything, ask. Movers can handle issues the day of the move, not after.

HolmanMoving Try to be as positive as possible – you’re mood will rub off on your family!

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