Meet Josh Will, the Driver Recruiter at JK

Who is Josh Will?

At work, I am outgoing and personable. But at home, I am the opposite − a quiet father of a 6-year old daughter who tends to keep to himself.

What are your interests outside of work?

I do a lot of volunteer work. I work with organizations, such as the 25th Project which helps the homeless. I also enjoy 4-wheeling. My dad was big on the truck culture, and raised me to love the same. I even have a large garage where I work on vehicles for myself and friends.

What is your role at JK?

I am a recruiter, so I am responsible for bringing in the best possible talent. I also do my best to mentor many of the employees I bring in, and want to be someone they know they can trust.

What attracted you to the industry?

I used to be in the U.S. Army, maintaining equipment in the motor pool. When I came back home, I attended a veterans’ job fair and spoke with a representative from JK. They were willing to try and find a fit for me, so I interviewed for three different positions. I was hired in the Safety and Compliance Department in May 2010. It was a good position, but I was eventually looking for something a bit different. In December 2012, I became a driver recruiter in the Human Resources Department. I appreciated that JK wanted to accommodate my interest in advancing my career.
josh_will jeep

During the recent snow storm, you volunteered your time to help hospital staff?
Yes. When the storm first began, I drove around randomly in my truck looking for others in need—I would let air out of tires for extra traction, transport people who were stuck, tow them out of ditches, etc. When the roads got really bad, I went to local hospitals and told them I would transport any staff that needed to get to or from the hospital. Besides a few hours of sleep, I was constantly moving hospital staff from Friday night to Sunday evening.

What are some of your future goals?

Professionally, I would like to develop into a management position in recruiting. I would like to take a larger role in mentoring drivers and guiding them through their professional careers. Personally, I would like to purchase my own house in the near future.

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