Lights! Warehouse! Sustainability!

As regular readers know, JK Moving Services has made consistent efforts over the years to be a more responsible corporate citizen. In fact, the Maryland office of JK Moving is currently upgrading all the warehouse, outdoor and office lights.

Maryland Warehouse
Maryland Warehouse

Currently, the Maryland warehouse uses HID lights which quickly lose lumen output, making for uneven lighting. The uneven lighting increases the potential for warehouse accidents. On top of that, HIDs are very inefficient sources for lighting. We are replacing, one-for-one, the HIDS with energy efficient lights. Along with new lights, we will also be adding motion sensors in the office area which will significantly reduce energy usage.

The immediate benefits of these lights are phenomenal. The energy efficient lights will increase the overall lighting areas while having a better quality “daylight” spectrum light and a higher CRI. This means when our crews are in the warehouse it will feel closer to working outdoors.

These lights also last much longer; 38,000 hours of usage versus the previous 25,000 hours of usage.  This means changing the lights less often, and with our 40,000 square foot warehouse, that is a good thing. The new lights will only lose 8% of their initial output over the course of their lives. The old lights lost 50% of their output within the first 1-2 months. Not only will it be safer for our crews, but they will also be working in consistent lighting.

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The lights in our warehouse will have “instant on” capability. Meaning, the lights will not be on unless there is someone working in the aisle. While it may be a little scary to have all the lights off in the warehouse, there is nothing to fear. The lights you need will turn on as you work your way through the warehouse. This means no more lights constantly on, which means less unnecessary usage.

We are excited for the upgrade at our Maryland warehouse. In the meantime, feel free to read more on JK’s Sustainability efforts.

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