5 Low-Cost Cities for American Expats

low-cost-of-livingRelocating is expensive. Relocating globally can be even more so. However, as more companies look to expand their operations, global mobility is becoming more and more popular.

Cost-of-living will play a role in your decision to move. Some global cities, like Zurich and Hong Kong, are extremely expensive.

However, there are more budget-friendly opportunities when considering a global move.

According to expatistan.com, all ten of the least expensive cities to live in in the world are outside of the United States. Four of those ten cities – Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, and Madras – are in India.

Which cities top the list? Here are five of the cheapest cities to live in around the world and what makes them so inexpensive.

Cairo, Egypt

Housing in Cairo, Egypt is extremely affordable. In fact, you could rent seventeen 900 square foot apartments in Cairo for the cost of renting just one in New York City. For $2,028, you could pay your yearly rent in Cairo; with that same money, you’d be over $800 short for your monthly rent in New York City.

Ridiculously low prices: Expect a gallon of gas to cost just $0.68! That same gallon would cost you $2.54 in the Big Apple.

Tbilisi, Georgia

While the cost of gas is much more expensive in Tbilisi, Georgia, the car you’re putting the gas into is probably much cheaper. A brand new compact car in Tbilisi costs about $10,000. Public transportation is also inexpensive in Tbilisi, as a train ticket costs around $11 per month.

Ridiculously low prices: Expect a ticket to a local theater to cost just $6! In Philadelphia, you could pay over $120 more for the same seat.

Madras, India

Like in Tbilisi, theater tickets in Madras, India are extremely inexpensive. But if you prefer cinema to live theater, Madras is definitely the place for you. In Madras, they basically give movie tickets away for free. Okay, not really free, but $2 is pretty darn close.

Ridiculously low prices: Expect a pair of Nike trainers to cost just $45! If you ran the beaches in Honolulu with those trainers, you’d be out $120.

Baku, Azerbaijan

If you wanted to crank your heater 24/7 in Baku, Azerbaijan, you could for relatively cheap. The average monthly utilities bill in Baku is $23. In the United States, Boston’s utilities bill puts the largest dent in your wallet at $200.

Ridiculously low prices: Expect a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola to cost less than $0.70! Name brand soda in the U.S. can be three to four times more expensive.

Skopje, Macedonia

Nice pair of jeans: $40. Cocktail at a downtown club: $3.43. An Uber back home: $4.97. Fun night out with your friends: priceless. A night out on the town actually isn’t that expensive in Skopje, Macedonia.

Ridiculously low prices: Expect an hour of maid service to cost just $2.43! So if you decide to throw an after party, cleaning the morning after won’t be a disaster.

Even when the cost-of-living is less expensive around the world, global moving can be stressful and costly. So if you do decide to relocate globally, hire a trusted moverknow these 7 terms and plan ahead.

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