JK Wall of Fame

Our residential drivers and crews arrive at JK early in the morning, Monday through Saturday to receive their daily dispatch. In the JK dispatch room, we proudly have the “JK Wall of Fame,” which serves as a way for us to acknowledge how great, and important, our crews are to the success of JK Moving.

JK Wall of Fame
JK Wall of Fame

The JK Wall of Fame is where we proudly display the kind reviews and emails our customers share with us, as well as special news related to the crews and JK. We divided the Wall of Fame into four sections; “212° The Extra Degree,” “What Matters Most,” “Move of the Week,” and “Back To Basics.”

Back to Basics is simply our emphasis on training and reminding our employees how important it is to follow our documented procedures and processes, to ensure successful moves and happy customers. In the 212° The Extra Degree, we feature an especially exceptional customer review we received. When a satisfied customer takes the time to go into all the details of a move and mention specific crew members, we like for that review to be in the spotlight.

The What Matters Most section is where we post other positive reviews for the crews and their work. The section is also where we post awards that JK has won, like our Independent Mover of the Year honor.

All of these sections positively highlight our crews and their work. Move of the Week just might be the biggest highlight for all of our crews. The section focuses on our drivers and crews who make national news. For example, we are proudly displaying a recent article in Road King magazine because JK is on the cover.

We do this Wall of Fame to acknowledge and thank our crews. We take training at JK seriously and pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering an excellent moving experience.  It makes our day to receive a positive review -or email- from a customer commenting on the service we provided. It’s a superb reminder that we are delivering on our goals and the Wall of Fame lets us remind and reward our crews and drivers every day of the week.

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