JK Drives Towards Safety

National Drive Safely Week is October 3-7. At JK Moving we take great pride in our drivers and the job they do and we wanted to share the process that all of our drivers must go through before they can put on a JK uniform and enter your home.

Not everyone can drive a JK Truck
It takes training and practice to drive a JK Truck.

For the past 8 years, JK has contracted with an independent trainer for our drivers. Our trainer has 32 years of experience in the transportation industry, including 23 years at Federal Express Corp. Additionally, he has over 20 years as an instructor for commercial vehicles and has trained over 900 drivers in 11 states.  All of our future drivers receive training from an industry expert with meaningful experience in driving and teaching to make our drivers “JK ready.”

Our trainer provides instruction and education for three different types of licenses; Class A, Class B and Non-CDL. As would be expected, the training for each of these licenses varies in their focus because they are different types of licenses. This means that all of our drivers receive the specific, focused training they need to safely operate their particular truck.

Our independent trainer has assessed all JK drivers, and we do mean all drivers, over the past eight years. JK requires all drivers go through the proper training regime, whether it is a driver right out of CDL School or a 20 year driving veteran. Drivers deemed “non-compliant” after a practice test will receive more specific training in the necessary areas to become “compliant.”

The JK long-distance fleet is comprised almost exclusively of standard transmission trucks. The drivers train on 9, 10, or 13 speed transmissions; never on automatic transmissions. We do not want to train our drivers on equipment that they will not be using. Rather, our drivers receive hands-on training with the equipment they will use when they deliver your goods.

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We take our driving seriously when we are on the roads, which just happens to be every day. If you would like, please take a moment to read more about our training.

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