JK Moving Services Employee Spring Fling

JK Moving Spring Fling starts with great BBQ

Nothing welcomes Spring better than an employee get together and this year was no different. Over a hundred JK Moving employees got together to enjoy great food, good conversation and some team building exercises. With BBQ roasting on the grille courtesy of JK employee Bobby Harris, everyone watched as he cooked up what I consider to be some of the best sausage and chicken I have had in ages.

The Competetion of Pie Eating

Keep your hands and feet clear when the pie contest starts. It was an amazing display of work watching 6 mighty competitors take on the pie eating contest. We had spent most of the day eating BBQ so I am not sure where anyone found room for desert let alone an entire pie.

Chair Wrapping

There were contests all evening long and wrapping a chair was just one of them. The object was to drop the cloth, place the chair on it and then use cord to secure the blanket on the chair. It sounds easy but when you have 12 other people competing and Chuck watching,  the pressure starts to rise.

Chuck watches the competition


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