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JK Moving recently discussed its FIDI/FAIM certification. Today, we would like to explain our International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) certifications and how we use them to make a corporate relocation as smooth as possible.

JK movers protecting your office
JK movers protecting your office during a move

What is IOMI? Ed Katz, a former commercial mover based in Atlanta, GA started IOMI to help “minimize the disruption, damage, and downtime normally associated with moving.” (Yes, the same Ed Katz we interviewed last March.) IOMI is neither a trade association nor a moving company; IOMI is an independent, unbiased training organization. The goal is to educate companies on best practices in the field and in the sales process. IOMI has established processes for best-in-class service providers and JK is the only 10-time certified commercial mover in the country.

Are you thinking, “Why is this important? I can go with any mover for my commercial move.” IOMI teaches the best procedures for: packing, loading, and moving everything from computers, servers, and electronics, to desks and filing cabinets. JK crews receive the highest levels of training available.

As a result of our IOMI training we utilize the Boxless Move®, which is a suite of services designed to minimize the disruption of a company’s daily operations during a corporate relocation.  The services we offer help keep employees focused on their day-to-day tasks and not worry about the office move. And if that’s not enough, you and your employees can save an average of 3 hours of packing and re-filing for every desk and lateral filing cabinet you move!

JK movers using the box crane
JK movers using the spider crane

We want to make commercial moves go smoothly with as little loss in productivity as possible. Part of our innovative approach to office moving involves using the spider crane. Instead of having an employee take every file out of a lateral file cabinet and then pack and unpack it; JK moves the entire cabinet with the files inside. This means no emptying, no re-filing, and no lost files.

To help employees with packing their desks, we use space gobblers. Space gobblers inflate inside full desk drawers and safely hold the contents in place. This eliminates the need for employees to pack and unpack.

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Not only do we minimize the disruption to your daily operations but we also help the environment; the Boxless Move has prevented nearly 3 million (and counting) cardboard boxes from ending up in a landfill. In order to reach this accomplishment, we offer stackable reusable plastic crates. These crates are bigger than cardboard boxes which reduce the time it takes to move your organization, and significantly cuts downtime.

IOMI has helped us become better office movers to the point where our customers experience 23% less downtime. Please visit our Commercial Services Division online and see how JK can help you.


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