International Shipping: Who Can You Trust With Your Belongings?

International shipping of items can be a tricky business for some people. Having to ship your personal belongings to a country thousands of miles away and then having to get your items inspected by customs can be a stressful process – especially if your shipper or mover  isn’t a reputable expert.globe boxes

Who can you trust to ship your items?

“At JK Moving Services, we work with FIDI, which is a Federation (or Alliance) of International Movers,” said Taylor McFarland, International Relocation Coordinator.

Through a certified program called FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover), FIDI uses a point system of more than 200 defined quality requirements to ensure a certified company, like JK, maintains a high level of quality at all times.

“For us, working with the State Department, embassies, and other government agencies – this standard has become very important because it’s an outside, objective measure of our quality, not just because we say we’re high-quality,” said McFarland.

Domestically, JK is one of only 42 companies that are part of this FAIM-FIDI network. Internationally, we are one of about 531; this ensures your move will be conducted with the highest quality and maximum competency globally.

“If I need an agent in another country, I could find someone reliable within this network and trust that they would manage the shipment to our exacting standards, once we forward the freight from here,” said McFarland.

“By using approved suppliers, it gives our customers peace of mind.”

Recently, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) indexed JK Moving Services as the top-ranked international transportation services provider.

GSA’s “Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program” ranks carriers using a customer satisfaction index score which compares individual performance of carriers across all other companies who participate in the program; JK came out on top internationally.

“Providing the highest level of satisfaction to all customers has always been our priority,” said JK Moving Services’ Founder, CEO, and President, Charles Kuhn.

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