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Sustainable Building Protection – Polynite®


JK Moving Services takes great care to protect all surfaces throughout your move. In fact, JK ensures the protection of every part of your newly constructed space.

In 2018 JK took a strategic sustainable approach to protect your building and workspace with Polynite®.
Polynite® is a revolutionary new product that will eventually replace Masonite as the industry standard.

For this reason, our Crews cover sensitive surfaces like marble, hardwood, slate, and high-gloss tile with a layer of Polynite®, binding it with duct tape to prevent shifting. 

Polynite’s® advantages over traditional Masonite include:

Clean – It doesn’t crack or chip, leading to dust and debris on the carpet

Lightweight – It is easier and safer to carry, position and install.  Crews become more efficient by reducing the time and cost to install building protection.

Durable – It offers superior protection for all types of flooring for up to 10 years.

Impervious to Water – It doesn’t curl while maintaining a safe walking surface. Carpet installers use water to stretch, straighten, and apply
the carpet.  Using Masonite may cause it to curl at the edges, creating trip hazards for workers.

Design – The 32” width easily fits through doorways to offer a more complete protection solution.

Environmentally Friendly – It is composed of recycled materials helping to reduce waste.


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