Innovation in Moving & Storage: Paperless Delivery & Payment Systems

Go Paperless

After a big business move, the last thing you need is a big stack of paperwork to sign and manage. It’s not efficient, it’s not environmentally friendly, and it’s definitely not productive.

JK Moving Services’ commitment to innovation led us to give all of our teams tablets for daily use. These Paperless Delivery Systems are all linked back to our central operating system.

Our Paperless Delivery System provides proactive communication and instantaneous documentation, improving our customer experience.

Customers receive personalized push notifications, status updates,  e-invoicing and e-payment options, all while supporting our crews in the field.

We have a single entry point to collect information. As a result, we improve reporting, better understand capacity, and identify future trends as we continue to innovate.

No papers to get lost. No filing to do, or copies to make. So if you ever have questions, you have a reliable, trackable electronic paper trail … without the paper.

You want a high-performance, efficient business move. We deliver, right down to the paperwork. It’s one more way our investments in innovation make your job easier. That’s the JK way!

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