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One of the ways JK provides an excellent move experience is by protecting your home during the move. It’s stressful enough worrying about your personal belongings that customers don’t need to worry about their homes as well. How do we protect the home to limit potential damage?

JK Moving Services protecting a home during a recent move.
JK Moving Services protecting a home during a recent move.

The Entryway

When we first arrive at a customer’s home we roll out the red carpet. Literally. The red carpet is there so we can protect the floor from any dirt, scratches and scuff marks. You will never witness a JK employee remove their shoes during a move. We move heavy objects and if one of those objects were to fall on a foot with no shoe there would be serious damage.

We protect the door of the entryway using wrapping pads, held in place using giant rubber bands. To further protect the door from damage, the door will stay open throughout the entire move. We like to move as efficiently as possible, and keeping the door open is one of the ways we accomplish this.

The Stairs and Floor

If the stairs and floor are carpeted, we put down a protective layer of carpet shield. Carpet shield is a thin protective layer of plastic which allows us to walk through your house without damaging or marking the stairs or floor.

If the stairs are not carpeted, we roll out more of the red carpet. Again, this allows us to move throughout the house without leaving any marks on your stairs or floor.

The Banisters

To protect the banisters from any damage we cover them with moving pads. If it sounds like we use a lot of moving pads during a move, it’s because we do. Because of their importance in providing an exceptional move experience, we make sure we only use the best pads. Tattered and old pads have served their duty, but when they are no longer viable we no longer use them.


When moving furniture down stairs with a tight turn, we set the furniture down so we can re-adjust and communicate how to navigate the turn. This could potentially damage the floor. JK will use cardboard or masonite to protect the landing. This protection will go on top of the runners or carpet shield.

We understand the importance of protecting a home during a move and have trained all our employees to properly prepare a home for a move. Customers can rest assured that their belongings and home are in good hands with JK.


  1. Excellent post! One of the most important things to our customers is for their home to remain in pristine condition – something we take very seriously! As a member of the Dispatch Team we regularly perform quality control checks. When doing quality control checks – one of the first things we look for is home protection. This is usually the first thing done by our moving crew when they arrive – and sets the tone for the rest of the day! Customer’s are happy to see the extra protection that we use. Each one of our crews is expected to take care of our customer’s home as if it was their own. We take great pride in knowing our customer’s homes are well protected!

  2. Good point, we train our crews how to properly protect a home and we also perform quality control checks. It’s all part of JK’s dedication to customer service.

  3. The JK crew proves to be professional and well trained time and time again. When JK moved me, the crew did exactly what is described in this blog. I didn’t have to worry about scratches on my wood floors or damage to my walls because they had taken the time to do the prep work before they began the actual heavy lifting.

    1. It is excellent to hear from satisfied customers. Our goal is to provide a stress-free move and one of the best ways to start is to provide excellent home protection.

  4. We’ve been very busy here at JKMS getting ready for the up coming season, this means training and house protection is certainly big focus point in training. That is why we train in our house and not the customers.

    1. Hi Brian. I’m so sorry that you experienced a problem during your move. If you have not already done so, please reach out to our Customer Care team at 703-260-4282, and they will provide you with instructions on submitting a claim. Thank you.

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