Expert Insights to Help Your Data Center Relocation

Relocating Data Centers has its own set of unique challenges from a standard office move. As a result, you would want to ensure you have little to no down time.  You would also want to minimize risk of damage to the equipment and assigning trained experts of specialized equipment. If the move doesn’t go right, your business may be disrupted.

What to plan for when planning a Data Center relocation:

  • What are your key priorities? Consider a relocation company that keeps your wants and needs a top priority. JK Moving’s project managers are logistics experts. They put your needs first, visit you on-site to see and listen to your priorities.  We will work with you to put a move plan together to make your server or IT move with minimum disruption.
  • Ensure that your sensitive equipment is protected from dust, dirt, moisture, static shock and physical impact. Look for a mover that ensures that your equipment is wrapped properly. JK Moving uses a proprietary Comp-U-Wrap® system that allows each component to be custom-wrapped with multiple layers of anti-static bubble bags.  These bubble bags will protect your equipment from nearly every possible danger.
  • Look for trained, certified experts: You’ve invested too much into your Data Center to leave your move to the lowest bidder.  So, look for a relocation company that has invested training and resources to offer the best the industry has to offer. JK has A+ Certified Crews are background checked and trained to the highest standards in the industry. They learn how to move high-tech equipment at our business before they ever get to yours!

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