How to Evaluate Office Movers the Right Way

Office movers disassemble, install modular furnitureResidential and commercial moving present different challenges.

Residential moving involves the packing, loading, and moving of household goods for families and individuals.

Office moving involves disassembly, moving, and installation of cubicles. It involves disconnecting, moving, and reconnecting PCs and other computer equipment. It involves archiving of wanted documents and shredding of unwanted ones.

Another key difference between the two types of moves is the need for specialists. It is possible to move your home on your own, but moving your business requires experts.

Both office moving and residential moving place stress on the people relocating. In uncertain economic times, as moving companies struggle to keep their doors open, customers’ stress can escalate quickly.

To ensure a smooth commercial relocation, make sure your office movers meet or exceed industry standards.

Specialized Commercial Training Minimizes Risk

The International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) certifies trained and trusted office movers. IOMI provides training to commercial moving companies to teach movers how to reduce the risk of damage to walls, floors, doors, and elevators as well as computer equipment and furniture. While an IOMI certification is important, ask your office movers what additional training they provide their crews.

Hiring Employees Shows Stability

Office moving companies that hire full-time employees have stability. These companies train, drug test, and background check all employees, including the crew members that will be moving your office. Office movers who use contractors might not background check those individuals and certainly do not provide them with the same level of training.

Secure Computer Disconnect, Reconnect Reduces Downtime

Access to computers and networks is integral for most companies’ operations to continue. Minimizing the risk of damage to your computer systems requires sound commercial moving practices like the Comp-U-Wrap system, which JK employs.

Reducing employee downtime during the relocation of your computer systems requires skillful execution through thorough training. JK partnered with the Northern Virginia Community College to develop a training curriculum for computer relocation. The proprietary course teaches PC disconnect and reconnect operation, network connection protocols, aspects of A+ hardware certification, and more.

Innovative Document Transport Promotes Organization

Businesses organize their documents in an easy-to-access way to eliminate lost or mixed up files. When office movers show up to relocate the business, it’s important to know that they will maintain that organization. With certain filing cabinets, JK uses the spider crane. The spider crane lifts a filled filing cabinet onto a dolly. The crew rolls the dolly onto a truck at the old office and out of the truck at the new one. The files never leave the filing cabinet, which decreases employee downtime and eliminates the risk of disorganization.

Customer References Demonstrate Success

Office movers that quickly provide you with customer references show success and stability. They trust that their previous customers will provide you the insight you need to make your hiring decision. Members of organizations like the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Association of Greater Washington, D.C. (CREBA) work with office movers all the time and can be an excellent source of information on trustworthy moving companies.

Complete Service Offerings Indicate Industry Leadership

What do you do with unwanted furniture, confidential documents, and expired hard drives? Office movers should deliver services to securely store or recycle all of the above. JK maintains more than 400,000 sq. ft. of storage space for furniture, computer equipment, records, and more. JK is also available to securely shred documents and hard drives.

How else can office movers show industry leadership? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Check out this cool video of a commercial move JK Moving Services did for Social Driver:

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