Driver Training and PACE Certification

“We train our crews in our house, not in yours.” This is a motto that JK believes in and is a reason for our success. What about JK drivers though? What training do they receive before arriving at your home?

All drivers, regardless of previous experience, complete a third party training class before they can drive for JK. This includes classroom training and learning how to fulfil U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, like vehicle inspections. After the proper classroom training and testing, the drivers hit the road.

Continuing Driver Education

In addition to our training motto, continuing education is another key reason for our success and employee retention. Driver education is no different. JK has recently implemented the PACE certification training program for all drivers in the JK fleet, as well as the Operations team.

PACE stands for Planning, Analyzing, Communicating, and Executing.  The goal of the training is to hone driving skills and increase awareness of all outside factors for JK drivers. PACE is not a step-by-step process but an all-inclusive program. This class reminds drivers to know exactly where they are going when they leave the dispatch office, perform all pre-trip inspections, make sure that everything for the upcoming move is in the truck, and to be aware of the weather and traffic.

Members of JK Maryland Team
Members of JK Maryland Team who went through PACE training.

For example, a JK driver has to drive to downtown Washington D.C. and the weather calls for a wintry mix in the afternoon. The goal of PACE training is for the driver to arrive at the job site, with all the supplies needed for the move. And when the wintry mix comes in the afternoon, PACE training reminds drivers that more time is needed to brake when road conditions worsen. And with inclement weather, the need to be aware of accidents and other hazards increases.

Another benefit of PACE training is the discussion that it generates in the classroom. JK drivers are experienced and have the ability to share real-world situations that might not be covered in the class. By sharing their personal knowledge, the collective safety of our fleet increases. And as a result of the discussions and sharing, these classes have been well received by our drivers.

We are excited by PACE training because it will continue to make our drivers better and safer by re-emphasizing safe driving tips and tactics. If you have questions regarding our safety record or driver training please leave a comment below.

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