Coronavirus (COVID-19) corporate preparedness plan

coronavirus updateGiven the scale of the potential coronavirus effects to business continuity, JK Moving Services has initiated proactive communications with our employees and is responding to client and customer commitments and expectations relative to safe practice and corporate social responsibility.

Coronavirus Communication Plan

Through internal communication and training, JK has taken steps to formally notify our workforce of Corporate Preparedness steps that include:

  1. Personal and facility sanitation and cleanliness
  2. Symptomatic employees, family members, general public, clients
  3. Interaction with business and supply chain partners
  4. Protective technology precautions
  5. Business travel and client interaction
  6. Health, wellness, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

Coronavirus Monitoring Activities

The JK Moving Services workforce is being continually monitored to ensure interactive and open communication to assist or respond to situational awareness influenced by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Preparedness and response activities are being conducted in a participatory, community-based way that are informed and optimized according to regulatory feedback to detect and proactively respond to concerns, rumors or misinformation.

To address misinformation, and ensure that any potential risks are identified and addressed, JK Moving Services is encouraging our employees and customers to communicate and to educate themselves through monitoring and updates from the Center for Disease Contract (CDC) and other credible sources relative to COVID-19.

Critical business functions and services that must continue during a widespread outbreak are being monitored and dispatched to adequately and safely service our customers.  This includes:

  • Resource coordination, planning, and monitoring
  • Risk communication and coordinated community engagements
  • Surveillance, rapid-response, and case investigation and management
  • Facility safety (JK and that of our customers)
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Operations support and logistics
  • Business continuity and exceptional service delivery.

We are continually monitoring the status and the spread of the virus.  We will update this blog with any procedural changes that comes as a result.  If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at 703.260.4282 or

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