Rocky had a Mountain, We have a House

One of the most common moving questions we encounter is, “What type of training do your crews go through before entering a home?” At JK Moving we understand why customers ask us and honestly, we love answering. We’re proud of the training we put all of our crews through before they ever enter a home.

The JK Training House in the Warehouse
The JK Training House in the Warehouse

All crew members must go through “Basic Training,” although there is nothing basic about it. It is here that employees learn what JK expects from them, and what they can expect out of JK. They learn the company policies and procedures as well as the dos and don’ts of a successful move.

This is not just a paperwork class either. Employees learn how to safely lift and carry boxes and move furniture with the different types of equipment we employ. Employees learn how to properly wrap your furniture as well as how to carry the furniture around corners and up and down stairs. To make sure our employees are doing it correctly, we have a training house in our warehouse.

Our two-story training house is very important to us, because we can simulate a move. During training, our employees wrap everything in the house and pack it in the trailer we have next to the house. Of course, packing and loading is only half the battle. Employees must then unpack the trailer and move it back into the house. This hands-on learning allows JK to teach proper techniques and answer questions that our crews may have. We want to answer packing and moving questions in our warehouse, not on a lawn in the middle of a move.

Why does JK put all this effort into training, for all crew members? Chuck Kuhn, our founder and C.E.O., made a commitment to excellent customer service and a positive moving experience for our customers, and that starts when the moving crew knows exactly what to do. A customer might receive a crew member on their first moving job, but a customer will never hear a JK employee say, “I don’t know how to move that.”

There are three more equally important benefits JK values in training. First, it’s important to us to deliver a customer’s goods safely. All employees have a vested interest in the company and the lower our number of claims, the better it is for the company and a customer’s goods.

Second, it’s important that our employees stay safe. By properly training our crews we decrease the risk of crew injury and damaging goods.

Finally, we want to move a customer as efficiently as possible. While on a move we do not want to train, or have to explain how to move an item to a crew member. Training is part of our company culture and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have posted many videos of our training procedures on our YouTube page.

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