Chuck Kuhn Interview

CEO of JK Moving Services, Chuck Kuhn
CEO of JK Moving Services, Chuck Kuhn

Our CEO, Chuck Kuhn, was recently interviewed for a segment on Executive Leaders Radio, a syndicated business program that focuses their interviews on the success stories of C-level executives (i.e. CEOs, COOs, etc.). The interviews cover a range of topics, from the guests’ influences, mentors and early career experiences, to more specific topics like the executives’ personal turning points and family sacrifices, to capture the unique human aspect behind these prominent leaders.

What can you expect to hear out of Chuck? We don’t want to give away all of the details but here’s a sampling: Chuck explains who his most important mentors have been throughout his career, how he developed his strong work ethic, and the back story behind the naming of JK Moving. You’ll hear the inside scoop on moving President George W. Bush back to Texas, and Chuck describes how a dramatic childhood experience lead him to start JK while in high school!

There are many ways for you to listen in on this exciting interview this weekend, January 7th and January 8th.


WNEW 1580 AM: Saturday, January 7th, 10-11am

WFED 1500 AM/WWFD 820 AM: Sunday, January 8th, 9-10am

Online/Internet Radio

Streaming (Sunday, 1/8 at 9am)

iTunes: Go to the music store and click on “podcasts” at the top of the screen.  Search Executive Leaders Radio.

It’s a great interview full of insights about JK and our CEO. We hope you’ll listen and then come back and let us know your thoughts about the interview.


  1. I am so dissapointed with your company. I contacted your virginia office on Friday after being recommended to your company by a collegue. I spoke to Wendy and made an appointment for Saturday from 11:00am to 12:00pm for an estimate. This was for an EVP of a multinational company and I must say it did not look good for me at all.

  2. We apologize for the missed appointment, there was inclement weather on Saturday. Our moving consultant has reached out, apologized profusely and set up another meeting. Again we apologize for the missed meeting.

  3. Having the worst moving experience ever in 17years in the military. JK Moving company have broken precious items, forgot half of our furniture, misplaced screws that puts together our bed and China cabinet, and the list goes on and on. Oh, I almost forgot, they also wrapped our furniture so improperly that most all our wooded furniture arrived with scratches and nicks.

    1. Norberto,

      We are disappointed to hear about your experience. We always try to do our best, but unfortunately items are occasionally damaged. We will work with you to arrange a time to have these items repaired to your satisfaction. We are also looking into the move to fully understand what happened, and to take steps that it doesn’t happen to any future customer. Again, we apologize for your move experience.

  4. This move is so unexpected in so many ways! Your packers, receiving and inventory personal should not be allowed to handle any person’s personal belongings! From the start to finish! Arriving 6 hours late, not having or handling proper packing materials, breaking things in the front of our very own eyes, then packing it…honesty??? Isn’t that the number 1 rule??? More than apology before this case is closed!!! Horrible expierance!!

  5. Frustrating … The Movers 5 stars (after if you are filing a claim -3 STARS and they pretend to be on your side to help you out) JK Moving Perceives themselves to be helping you but MOVER BEWARE. They completely broke my Big screen and two wardrobe cabinets that fell into the screen that wasn’t crated and that were never even off loaded because of the damage and a few other $15 dollar cabinets. JK Moving initiated the call (meaning they called me 1st to say they knew of damages to the television saying the driver notified them of the TV. In fact 2 people form JK called me before the claim within 48 – 72 hrs of moving. Great Company you’re thinking I was too, until today. I faxed a copy of my claim and mailed the originals oh guess what they lost it, so after time goes by I get someone to resend me the forms. Now they say more than 9 months you get deprecated value for the TV and you can’t claim anything else which was already stated in the claim and they say because the driver didn’t say anything else broke, keep in mind they didn’t unpack everything, the tv is the only thing I can claim and got about 18 – 20 % of its original value. So in short I lost almost $3,000 of household goods and got $404 and I now have an appointment with TMO on base and legal counsel for next week. Save all of your phone records and everything cause you’re going to need it. I will post again to let you know if the issues have been resolved but be care full … it isn’t the move you need to worry about it went flawlessly on the other end, it’s the after move you have to worry about. I will be posting on all my military associated pages the same . Way to take care of the Military JK Moving … Unsatisfactory.

    1. We’re disappointed when we read your comments. According to DPS, if a claim is filed within 9 months of delivery then they should be settled at full valuation. After that, claims are settled based upon depreciated value. To determine the value of the claimed items we used an industry guidebook to determine the value.

      We do want to thank for taking the time to review our services, we use the feedback to continue our growth as a company. We will look into your move and learn how we can better explain the claims time line to our military members going forward.

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