Piano Moving? We Are Playing Your Tune.

According to Wikipedia, “The Piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard.” For the rest of us it can be so much more. Many families have pianos in their homes that not only offer the pleasure of music but the beauty and elegance of a crafted instrument that is often situated in their living room for all to see. Pianos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Grand pianos, have strings that run horizontal down the length of the case from the keyboard. They come in different sizes as well. Concert grand (the largest), parlor grand […]

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“PLEASE, Take My Old Sofa!”

On a daily basis we come across a common dilemma of a person moving; “I can’t take “this” with me so if you can move it you can have it!” I think my first place was furnished all by items that were hand me downs; I loved it! Here at JK we actually have a process for customers that wish to dispose of items. We have 2 charitable organizations ready to receive any items that can be re-used and/or sold. Our goal is to divert any items we can away from a landfill. Please keep this in mind when you […]

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It’s Hot Out There!

With the temperatures climbing into the 90’s seemlinly every day, we take great pride in the work our team is doing. If you are planning to move items on your own, make sure you take care of yourself in this very hot weather.

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