Lab move equipment

Make your lab move a success – Choosing the Right Partner

Moving day is no time for experimentation.  Relocating a laboratory successfully is one of the most sensitive and complex in the moving industry.  There is high-value equipment, potentially hazardous materials, and critical projects underway to consider.  If you choose the wrong supplier, it can set research back months . . .  or even years.  This blog is the first in a four (4) part series of expert tips to make your lab move a success. Choosing the Right Partner When choosing the right partner, there is simply no substitute for experience. You don’t want to be the “test case”.  For […]

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tips for organizing your office

5 Tips to Keep Your Office Organized

The end of the year is the season where things tend to slow down a bit at work (at least for some, not for us, this is our busiest season for commercial moving).  So many people take this time to tidy up and get organized for the new year.  For those of you that aren’t OCD about keeping a clean office area, I wanted to share with you 5 tips to keep your office clean and organized. Tip #1 – Out with the old. File It, Scan It, Shred It Throw out what you don’t need (also known as purging).  […]

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10 Tips to De-Stress a Holiday Move

While moving during the holidays is not as common as moving during the summer months, some people still have to move homes during this season. These moves can be challenging, so we have some tips to help a holiday move go more smoothly. “Holidays mean presents, family gatherings, and for some, the potential for cold, snowy weather,” said JK Moving CEO Chuck Kuhn. “For all these reasons, moving during the holidays can be stressful. Having helped many people move, we wanted to share some tips to help make holiday moving easier.” 10 Tips for a More Joyful Holiday Move Here […]

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Building Protection Picture

3 tips to safeguard your office move

In this blog, I’m going to discuss 3 tips to safeguard your office move.  As you may know, the biggest expense of an office move isn’t the cost of the mover, but the downtime and disruption to your business.  That’s not to mention the risk to your property  if the move doesn’t go as planned. A successful office move requires detailed planning and coordination. Coordinating an office move can be stressful, especially as you continue to do your “day job”. There’s a lot to think about.  As the point person for the move, everyone is looking to you for the […]

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Moving to a New Home? Here Are Your Top 4 Sustainable Moving Tips

As people become more aware of our impact on the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable practices have spread through all business industries, including the moving industry. For example, JK employs many sustainable moving tactics, including recycling paper, cardboard, and the wood from our crates; using paper-free driver and fuel tax reporting logs; and reusing engine oil as a heating source in our vehicle maintenance facility. Residential moves don’t necessarily have to have a large environmental impact. If you plan right, your next household move can be a sustainable one. 1. Donate Unwanted Items If you have fewer items to move, you’ll […]

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Office Packing

5 Office Packing/Labeling Tips

Proper labeling is the most important part of the move preparation. The labels tell the move team what should be moved and the proper placement of each item at your new location.  Below are 5 office packing/labeling tips for your next move. Packing Tip #1 – Labeling All items moving must be labeled (i.e. furniture, computers, boxes, chairs, pictures, trash cans, floor mats, etc.). Each office, cubicle/workstation, work room, and open area will be assigned a unique move number by your mover.  This is to ensure all items are moved according to the floor plan. The move number should be […]

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