Patricia Smith

Get to Know Patricia Smith, Product Manager for JK’s Household Goods Division, Virginia

Independent, creative, driven – three words that describe Patricia Smith and exemplify not only her career at JK Moving Services, but her entire career path since graduating from college. Patricia grew up with four siblings and has moved 13 times in her life. This included moves to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and finally, Virginia. She relocated to the DC metro area after college without a job lined up, but didn’t let that stop her. She found an apartment on craigslist, a job as a hostess, and has been in this area ever since. Along the way, she’s had a […]

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VP of Sales Brian McGuinness Recognized By Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce

When asked to describe himself in three words, JK VP of Sales and Business Development Brian McGuinness chose the words duty, honor, and country. Mention those three words to any JK Team member, and the first person they think of would be Brian. Brian was recently recognized as a finalist for the 2019 Veteran Employee of the Year Award by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce. “It is a privilege and honor to be nominated and recognized. It helps reinforce what JK does to contribute to the hiring and training of veterans for a second career.” Since joining the company […]

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Eric Vislay and Family

Get to Know Eric Vislay, Move Consultant for JK’s Household Goods Division, Virginia

It was the summer of 1991, when Eric Vislay made his first foray into the moving industry working for a mover in Alexandria, VA while still in college. “I liked meeting different people, seeing different homes and neighborhoods while on the job. I liked the variety and the flexibility of the schedule.” Eric’s father gave him great advice during those summers in college: “Working for a solid, top-notch, and expanding moving company in Washington, DC, a transient city where there will always be turnover, it could be a great career choice.” That advice stayed with him, reinforcing his decision to […]

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Grant Macpherson and Family

Get to Know Grant Macpherson, Move Consultant for JK’s Household Goods Division, Virginia

Easy going, confident, and competitive are a few words that describe Grant Macpherson. These three attributes have helped make Grant highly regarded as a Move Consultant on JK’s Household Goods Team. An only child, Grant was born in Canada, and he grew up in the moving business. So it was not a huge leap when Grant joined the JK family in 2004 as a summer helper. This gave him a unique insight into how the whole enterprise is run from end to end. This inside perspective is part of why Grant is such a successful sales professional. He officially became […]

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Parker Barrett

What does a rocket scientist do for the summer?   

He helps people move! Meet Parker Barrett, a rising junior and Aerospace Engineering major at Virginia Tech and a summer intern in JK’s Government Services Department. So …  what does one have to do with the other?   It started when Parker was 10 years old, and his family moved, using JK Moving to help them relocate. Parker remembers that the move had been a stressful time for him and his brothers, yet, “at the end of the day the crew took some time to stick around with a football to play catch with me and my brothers instead of just leaving.” This small act of kindness really resonated with Parker. To him, JK was more than “just moving stuff.” Instead JK represented someplace that emphasized caring about people as a core to the bottom line. According […]

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Get to Know Phil Philbin, Moving Consultant for Household Goods Division, Maryland

Passion comes in many forms, and Phil Philbin has a passion centered on people—more specifically, helping people. This passion has evolved into what he does today as a Moving Consultant for JK Moving Services: Helping people move. Phil found his calling after college when he realized that he enjoyed interacting with people. He naturally gravitated towards the field of sales and started his first sales job at Vonage. Phil’s strong leadership and public speaking skills helped him cultivate his career and it led him to his current position as a senior sales consultant. In 2015, when Phil was looking for […]

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