Innovation in Moving & Storage

Real-Time Camera Systems in Our Tractors & Trucks At JK Moving Services, we’ve made a commitment to innovation that we believe none of our competitors can match. But innovation by itself means nothing without accountability. You need reliable, on-time performance from a company that’s on top of every truck, every job, every time. That’s why we’re giving our teams the latest in in-cab camera systems to ensure driver safety, enhance performance and maximize communications. These in-cab cameras are already in all our tractors. Soon, they’ll be in all our trucks. Along with GPS systems (now in all our tractors and […]

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Are You Chasing Excellence, or Are You Innovating IT?

Every company will tell you they deliver quality and value. And they probably do. But the pages of history are full of companies that used to deliver quality and value and aren’t around anymore. They stopped innovating. They lost their competitive edge. And suddenly, instead of having others chase them in the race for excellence, they were chasing others … and falling behind. A generation ago, when Americans thought of cutting-edge technology, they probably thought of companies like Polaroid, Kodak, and Xerox. Today they’d probably think of companies like Apple, Amazon, microchip makers, and biopharmaceutical companies. And even those companies […]

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