Moving to a New Home? Here Are Your Top 4 Sustainable Moving Tips

As people become more aware of our impact on the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable practices have spread through all business industries, including the moving industry. For example, JK employs many sustainable moving tactics, including recycling paper, cardboard, and the wood from our crates; using paper-free driver and fuel tax reporting logs; and reusing engine oil as a heating source in our vehicle maintenance facility. Residential moves don’t necessarily have to have a large environmental impact. If you plan right, your next household move can be a sustainable one. 1. Donate Unwanted Items If you have fewer items to move, you’ll […]

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4 Ways to Recycle IT Assets

Did you know that recycling your IT and electronic assets is a federal requirement? As end users, we are responsible for safe disposal of used computer equipment to be compliant with federal data security laws such as Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Patriot Act of 2002, Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act (ITAD) and others. Regardless of what your company plans to do with the old equipment, the first step to proper disposal is to protect your corporate information by removing all data from hard drives.  There are plenty of programs that will wipe […]

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Green Moving

Green Moving Saves 2M Pounds from Landfills

At JK Moving Services, we are proud of our sustainability efforts across the company. To that end, each year, we publish a report with the results of our green moving practices. In 2018, we diverted more than 2 million pounds of materials from local landfills. Secure recycling is not only good for business—it’s also good for the planet. Through our many green moving initiatives, JK reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment through our reusable services. Here are two examples of our eco-friendly programs: Asset Repurposing: Our integrated repurposing program prevents usable items from going to landfills. We place excess assets […]

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Modular Cubicle Installation

Can You Recycle Old Cubicles?

They hold family photos, office memos, and to-do lists. They host high-level meetings and office birthday celebrations. But when it’s time for a move, you may discover some or all of your office cubicles, partitions, and even furniture no longer serve your needs in the new space. What’s the environmentally responsible thing to do? Well, there’s good news. You can usually recycle your old cubicles, as well as other office supplies, furniture, shelving, and cabinets you no longer need. And this can all be done according to your company’s recycling programs and environmental policies. Here’s the JK Moving Services approach […]

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JK’s Shredder Leaves Old Hard Drives in the Dust

Today, we’d like to share a bit of our excitement about our new mobile hard drive shredder. At JK, we take pride in our commitment to outstanding service, and that means constantly exploring and investing in new ways to meet our customers’ needs. With the forms and uses of technology ever expanding, companies are faced with the question of how to keep their important data safe. For information that is no longer needed, secure disposal is the best bet.

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Reduce and Reuse

What to Do with Unwanted Office Furniture During a Commercial Relocation

When companies decide to relocate offices there is always discussion on the logistics of the move; how are the files going to be moved, how will the offices be moved, and what will happen with the server equipment? All of these are legitimate questions, and your mover will be able to answer them. One question that needs to be asked is what is going to happen with all of the current office furniture? If all of the furniture will be moved, make sure your mover has received the proper training to safely move all office furniture. But what happens if […]

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