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Verena Goetz was amazed at the scope of JK’s operations

Verena Goetz joined JK last summer as a Global Relocation Coordinator. She had seen the JK trucks all around the Washington, D.C.-area, but it was not until she joined JK that she realized just how many pieces cooperate to form an independent moving company. “I was very amazed when I first came on board at the size of the operations.” She realized that the company is made up of more than movers. There are long-distance drivers, move coordinators, operations and logistics, and also the training managers that keep our crews’ skills fine-tuned in JK’s training house. You can see Verena’s full interview by clicking here. […]

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Types of PCS Military Moves

If you are conducting a PCS military move (Permanent Change of Station), you may receive one of a few types of PCS orders. The government will pay for or reimburse military members for certain aspects of their PCS move, but each type has its own rules and regulations, so it is vital to plan your move according to the type of PCS order you receive. JK has moved thousands of service members over the years – including plenty of 3-star generals and admirals – so you can rest assured that we know all of the jargon used, and are experienced […]

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David Macpherson pronunciation

Meet David Macpherson, Senior VP of JK’s Global Business Unit

Who is David Macpherson? I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, where I met my wife Alison. After our marriage, Alison and I moved to London, England. In 1985, we then moved to Toronto, Canada, where our son Grant (a JK Moving Consultant) was born. In 1992, we moved again; this time to the States. I had thought Canada and the U.S. were fairly similar, but I experienced huge culture shock when I moved to the States. Everything was very different (except that I could still watch “The Benny Hill Show!” every night!). I also would say I am a bit […]

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Our College Interns: Meet Patrick Wang

(Editor’s Note: Kyle Smith is an intern in our Marketing Department. Today, he shares perspective on participating in a summer college internship program. Stay tuned for more in this series.) For the 40 million Americans that move annually, about 13 percent move their residences in the summer months. That equates to more than 5,000,000 people moving every summer! To support this productive time of year, JK Moving Services employs college interns every summer. We’d like to introduce you to some of our talented interns. JK Moving Services is pleased to introduce you to Patrick Wang, our International Services intern. Patrick […]

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Meet the People of JK: Taylor McFarland, International Coordinator

When you think about a moving company, you probably think about the folks who actually conduct your move, like the packers, drivers, and warehouse staff. But there are so many other employees “behind the scenes.” I recently sat down with Taylor McFarland, JK Moving Services’ International Coordinator and Project Manager, to better get to know him and his role at JK. Here is a little of what he shared:    

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Unique Shipping Stories: An SUV Built for a King, Literally

Traveling internationally often opens a person’s eyes to new experiences, cultures, and ways of life. Working within the international shipping industry, and catering to people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds can also bring about some unique and interesting stories. Occasionally, this blog will feature “Unique Shipping Stories.” I recently sat down with David MacPherson, JK’s Vice President of the International Division, to talk about some of his “unique shipping experiences.” Shipping an SUV Built for a King, Literally. “An embassy of a middle eastern country asked me to ship a vehicle that was located in Oxnard, California, just north […]

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