Computer Network

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Computer Network Relocation

In the mid-1970s, companies both large and small turned to personal computers (PCs) to automate functions and manage databases. Then in the early 1980s, PCs entered the home. And in the four decades since then, PCs have evolved extensively. However, in the 40+ years since the introduction of PCs into the workplace, two things have remained consistent: personal computers play an integral role in business operations, and they are here to stay. What would happen if the computers at your business went down for an hour? Even worse, what if the computers were inaccessible for a full day? More than […]

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Green Moving

Green Moving Saves 2M Pounds from Landfills

At JK Moving Services, we are proud of our sustainability efforts across the company. To that end, each year, we publish a report with the results of our green moving practices. In 2018, we diverted more than 2 million pounds of materials from local landfills. Secure recycling is not only good for business—it’s also good for the planet. Through our many green moving initiatives, JK reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment through our reusable services. Here are two examples of our eco-friendly programs: Asset Repurposing: Our integrated repurposing program prevents usable items from going to landfills. We place excess assets […]

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Open Office Plans

Open Office Plans Affect Workplace Communication

Recently, Harvard Business School Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Ethan Bernstein conducted a before-and-after study that may reinforce the already strong case against open office plans. Bernstein’s research uses observational evidence rather than self-reported data to show that communal workspaces don’t necessarily provide a collaborative environment. Lisa MacLellan, from Quartz at Work, summarized the study results. Bernstein centered his research on a renovation at an unnamed Fortune 500 company that was engaged in a “so-called war on walls.” Employees participating in the study wore people analytics badges that anonymously tracked, but didn’t record, conversations. The sensors provided data the researchers could […]

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Modular Cubicle Installation

Can You Recycle Old Cubicles?

They hold family photos, office memos, and to-do lists. They host high-level meetings and office birthday celebrations. But when it’s time for a move, you may discover some or all of your office cubicles, partitions, and even furniture no longer serve your needs in the new space. What’s the environmentally responsible thing to do? Well, there’s good news. You can usually recycle your old cubicles, as well as other office supplies, furniture, shelving, and cabinets you no longer need. And this can all be done according to your company’s recycling programs and environmental policies. Here’s the JK Moving Services approach […]

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Dashcam Installation

JK Formalizes Dashcam Program to Facilitate Safety

After piloting for the past year, JK Moving Services will formalize its dashcam program by adding dashboard cameras to the newest members of its fleet: Volvo moving trucks.  In all, 260 tractors, trucks, and vans will have the system, which promotes safe driving and reduces costs involved with accidents. “We are always looking for ways that technology can improve our service.  Dashcams have been well received by our drivers. We’ve seen our strong driving record improve even more and have realized savings.  That’s good for our customers as we work to make their moves efficient and safe and it is […]

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Office Furniture

Office Furniture Management & Installation: Advice from the Pros

For most offices, files and furniture take up most of the place on moving trucks. That’s why it makes sense to start your office or business relocation process with a good hard look at your office furniture and filing needs, and asking questions like: Do you need it all? For example, if you’re going from desks to cubicles you can save money by not moving all those desks. Don’t pay to move what you don’t need. How will your office furniture be protected? You’ll want to ask your moving and storage partner about all the steps they take to protect […]

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