Top 5 Tips to Tell Your Staff About Your Office Move

Relocating to a new office can be a cause for excitement and anxiety. Here are five (5) recommendations to tell your employees you are moving. Your goal: move quickly, smoothly, and with your staff feeling confident and moving with you. After all, it presents a change in their routine. Moving to a new space can impact your staff’s morale, so you must handle the process with care. Be prepared for the fact that some staff members may be anxious or unwilling to move. 1.  Notify the Employees as Early as Possible Few people love changes, so using clear, simple language, […]

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Office Move

8 Essential Steps to Planning Your Office Move

Planning an office move is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and several preparation steps. It’s best to divide the workload and assign specific tasks to different employees. Starting the process early and maintaining frequent open communication are key.  Here are 8 essential steps to a successful, stress free move.   1.  Create a Timeline Create a timeline that includes all the required stages of your move. Discuss the plan with all team members involved with the move as early as possible. Be realistic about how much time you will need. A small office may need at least three […]

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Avoid Mistakes

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Managing an Office Move

 With over 30 years of experience moving America’s leading businesses and institutions, we’ve seen a few mistakes — and we really hope to never see them again.   To help you avoid some pitfalls, here’s a list of six common mistakes to avoid when planning and executing your next office or business move.   Don’t wait until the last minute. While your moving and storage partner will do their best to accommodate your needs at any time, you’ll find that long-term notice and planning will giveyou a more efficient, more cost-effective moving experience.   Notify your employees as early as possible.  Using clear […]

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Help Us Stuff a Bus – School Supply Drive

Help Us Fill Backpacks to Kids in Need Remember what it was like as a kid, getting all new stuff for your first day of school? The shiny new backpacks, cool pencils and notebooks? Many students in the DC metro area are from homes that are at or below poverty level – they deserve to feel the same excitement that we did. JK Moving Services and the Capital Chapter of ALA is partnering with United Way NCA to provide backpacks and school supplies to children in need. This drive will ensure underprivileged children in the DC area get to start […]

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College Move-in Day 101 (and beyond)

Move-in day at most colleges and universities means thousands of cars … thousands of parents and siblings and thousands of questions like, “Why did we pack so much?”. Your goal is to have all your students moved into their dorms on-time, their bags unpacked and starting to acclimate to college life, with all those moms and dads driving away smiling at the memory of just how smoothly everything ran. This year achieve your goal. The key to an optimal move-in day to is developing a strategic plan with an expert who has handled this type of responsibilities before with some […]

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Data Center

Expert Insights to Help Your Data Center Relocation

Relocating Data Centers has its own set of unique challenges from a standard office move. As a result, you would want to ensure you have little to no down time.  You would also want to minimize risk of damage to the equipment and assigning trained experts of specialized equipment. If the move doesn’t go right, your business may be disrupted. What to plan for when planning a Data Center relocation: What are your key priorities? Consider a relocation company that keeps your wants and needs a top priority. JK Moving’s project managers are logistics experts. They put your needs first, […]

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