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We Train Our Movers in Our House, Not Yours

Remember the last time you started a new job? Hopefully, when you began, you were trained before tackling projects. For a moving company, “projects” involve going into a customer’s home and handling, packing, loading, and moving all of their belongings. That begs the question, how do moving companies train their crews? We all know the stress of a move is overwhelming, and the last thing you want is an inexperienced crew using your home to learn on the job. That is why JK created a comprehensive training program that all crew members go through before ever stepping a foot in […]

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shred your files

Why Your Company Needs a Shredding Service

Data breaches aren’t just found online.  They can be found in your everyday confidential documents. Shredding confidential information and sensitive corporate data is just as important as having an internet firewall for security. Here’s why your company needs a shredding service. Every year, Verizon releases a Data Breach Investigations Report. This report is based on actual data breaches rather than unreliable surveys. The proof is in the data In 2019, based on 2,013 data breaches and more than 41,686 security incidents.  Verizon found that 72% of security incidents within the public sector were the result of privilege misuse (employees taking […]

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Get to Know Phil Philbin, Moving Consultant for Household Goods Division, Maryland

Passion comes in many forms, and Phil Philbin has a passion centered on people—more specifically, helping people. This passion has evolved into what he does today as a Moving Consultant for JK Moving Services: Helping people move. Phil found his calling after college when he realized that he enjoyed interacting with people. He naturally gravitated towards the field of sales and started his first sales job at Vonage. Phil’s strong leadership and public speaking skills helped him cultivate his career and it led him to his current position as a senior sales consultant. In 2015, when Phil was looking for […]

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Joe Pence Biking in Cumberland, MD

Get to Know Joe Pence, Move Consultant for Household Goods Division, Maryland

Joe Pence is a force to be reckoned with. After joining JK Moving Services in November 1996, Joe has risen to become one of JK’s top sales representatives. Joe attributes his success to his persistent, determined, and loyal character. These qualities are also present in his personal life where he enjoys quality time with his wife, Nadine, and children, Trey (30), Alec (27), Drew (22), and Liam (19). Joe’s go-getter determination has helped him throughout both his personal life and in his professional life. Joe has been an avid football fan his entire life, playing for his high school football […]

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Get to Know Rich Stewart, Move Consultant for JK’s Household Goods Division, Maryland

Diverse, optimistic, and curious are just a few words that describe Rich Stewart. These three qualities help make him a highly regarded, successful Move Consultant. Rich joined JK Moving Services in September of 2017 and hit the ground running! He found a real passion for what he does despite having no prior interest or knowledge in the moving industry. “I am able to work with smart, caring clients and teammates.” Rich’s favorite part about working at JK is knowing that he represents a high-quality company that gives customers the peace of mind they need during their move. A highlight of […]

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Does Your Moving Truck Need a Parking Permit?

Moving can be an overwhelming life event. So picture how much more daunting moving becomes, if on the big day, your moving truck can’t park on your street. Some cities, some towns – and even some suburban residential areas – require parking permits or signage for moving trucks.  Some local governments will not issue permits directly to a business. Therefore, the responsibility of applying for the permit falls on the resident. These permits let moving companies legally park their truck in front of your new home while they load or deliver your goods. However, permits are not only for professional […]

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