Last-Minute Office Move

Tips for a Last-Minute Office Move

Any business mover will tell you, planning makes for a better office move. But sometimes you don’t have the luxury of long-term planning. Sometimes you  have to move your business, or part of it, at the last minute. That’s when you need to be not only fast, but smart. 6 Tips for Managing a Last-Minute Office Move After more than 30 years moving businesses, JK Moving Services has seen it all. Here are some tips for managing your last-minute business move. Assemble the team. Gather your department heads together to talk through logistics, stat. Who can work remotely? How soon can […]

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Commercial Upcoming Events

JK Commercial Events – October 2018

October will be another busy month for our Commercial Team, including an event to support wounded warriors and a chili cook-off! It’s going to be a great month, and while we’re out and about, we would love for you to stop by and say hi. Where can you find us in October? Luke’s Wings Heroes Walk Sunday, October 7 Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bethesda, MD Luke’s Wings hosts fundraisers throughout the year, raising money to support service members who have been wounded in battle by providing the means for their family members to travel and visit them […]

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Smart Office Move

Planning a Smart Office Move

While each type of project has its own unique challenges, there is one consistent theme: Moving is change – and change can be stressful. Stress can create negative emotions and feelings of uncertainty, which can make the relocation process challenging. Recognizing this potential challenge early in the process will give you the opportunity to be proactive, thereby reducing stress and ensuring a successful relocation. It is impossible to ensure perfection, but the more people engaged in the planning process, the greater the opportunity for success. Workplace design touches every aspect of an organization, with 80% centered on people and 20% on real […]

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