lab moving down to a science

Moving Can Be a Science – At NCI

Many know JK Moving for moving offices.  But in reality – we move just about everything under the sun.  Our specialty is in laboratory, IT and specialized relocations.  Today I want to give you a glimpse of our lab team’s expertise.  We directed a move for National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Pathology collection.  After you read this blog, you will see where moving can really be a science – and a lot of planning. Executive Summary Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) hired JK Moving Services to relocate NIH’s NCI Laboratory of Pathology’s collection.  The collection included relocating over 2.7 million tissue slides, […]

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Preparing for a lab move

5 Steps to a Successful Lab Move

Every lab is different, just like every move is different. Here are 5  steps to a successful lab move. We recommend choosing a lab mover with specialized expertise and experience in disassembling, transporting, and reassembling labs, and moving work in progress — to minimize downtime and disruptions. Ask about their process for: Pre-move preparation (labeling, detailed inventory, room planning for bench top setups) Proper protection for relocation bench top equipment Custom packing of specialized lab equipment and supplies Secure packing of glassware Packing solutions for refrigerated and frozen work samples Air-ride equipped and climate-controlled trucks Post-move laboratory solutions, including unpacking, […]

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Lab move equipment

Make your lab move a success – Choosing the Right Partner

Moving day is no time for experimentation.  Relocating a laboratory successfully is one of the most sensitive and complex in the moving industry.  There is high-value equipment, potentially hazardous materials, and critical projects underway to consider.  If you choose the wrong supplier, it can set research back months . . .  or even years.  This blog is the first in a four (4) part series of expert tips to make your lab move a success. Choosing the Right Partner When choosing the right partner, there is simply no substitute for experience. You don’t want to be the “test case”.  For […]

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surviving holiday office move

4 tips for surviving a holiday office move

While the holiday season is meant to bring feelings of warmth and holiday cheer, we all know it’s also a source of stress.  Then mix in an office move, and the cocktail for stress is inevitable. Here are 4 tips for surviving an office move during the holidays. Stress is everywhere.  According to a recent survey by Cigna, 84% of the world’s population is stressed.  Imagine that, huh? Survival Tip #1:  Plan, plan, plan Moving can create negative emotions.  These emotions can make the move process challenging to say the least. Recognizing this potential issue early will give you the […]

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tips for organizing your office

5 Tips to Keep Your Office Organized

The end of the year is the season where things tend to slow down a bit at work (at least for some, not for us, this is our busiest season for commercial moving).  So many people take this time to tidy up and get organized for the new year.  For those of you that aren’t OCD about keeping a clean office area, I wanted to share with you 5 tips to keep your office clean and organized. Tip #1 – Out with the old. File It, Scan It, Shred It Throw out what you don’t need (also known as purging).  […]

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4 benefits to creating a records retention schedule

Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive records retention schedule requires a commitment from upper management and the perseverance of a few dedicated employees. Establishing a retention schedule can deliver a significant return on investment. Once established and implemented, the retention schedule can help reduce costs, limit liability, and make the overall records management program more efficient. Some of the major advantages of establishing a record retention schedule are outlined below: 1. Protect your company or organization from liability. If your records become the subject of litigation, an established retention schedule can protect your company. Records which are disposed of following the […]

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