College Move-in Day 101 (and beyond)

Move-in day at most colleges and universities means thousands of cars … thousands of parents and siblings and thousands of questions like, “Why did we pack so much?”. Your goal is to have all your students moved into their dorms on-time, their bags unpacked and starting to acclimate to college life, with all those moms and dads driving away smiling at the memory of just how smoothly everything ran. This year achieve your goal. The key to an optimal move-in day to is developing a strategic plan with an expert who has handled this type of responsibilities before with some […]

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Data Center

Expert Insights to Help Your Data Center Relocation

Relocating Data Centers has its own set of unique challenges from a standard office move. As a result, you would want to ensure you have little to no down time.  You would also want to minimize risk of damage to the equipment and assigning trained experts of specialized equipment. If the move doesn’t go right, your business may be disrupted. What to plan for when planning a Data Center relocation: What are your key priorities? Consider a relocation company that keeps your wants and needs a top priority. JK Moving’s project managers are logistics experts. They put your needs first, […]

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Computer Network

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Computer Network Relocation

In the mid-1970s, companies both large and small turned to personal computers (PCs) to automate functions and manage databases. Then in the early 1980s, PCs entered the home. And in the four decades since then, PCs have evolved extensively. However, in the 40+ years since the introduction of PCs into the workplace, two things have remained consistent: personal computers play an integral role in business operations, and they are here to stay. What would happen if the computers at your business went down for an hour? Even worse, what if the computers were inaccessible for a full day? More than […]

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Open Office Plans

Open Office Plans Affect Workplace Communication

Recently, Harvard Business School Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Ethan Bernstein conducted a before-and-after study that may reinforce the already strong case against open office plans. Bernstein’s research uses observational evidence rather than self-reported data to show that communal workspaces don’t necessarily provide a collaborative environment. Lisa MacLellan, from Quartz at Work, summarized the study results. Bernstein centered his research on a renovation at an unnamed Fortune 500 company that was engaged in a “so-called war on walls.” Employees participating in the study wore people analytics badges that anonymously tracked, but didn’t record, conversations. The sensors provided data the researchers could […]

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Modular Cubicle Installation

Can You Recycle Old Cubicles?

They hold family photos, office memos, and to-do lists. They host high-level meetings and office birthday celebrations. But when it’s time for a move, you may discover some or all of your office cubicles, partitions, and even furniture no longer serve your needs in the new space. What’s the environmentally responsible thing to do? Well, there’s good news. You can usually recycle your old cubicles, as well as other office supplies, furniture, shelving, and cabinets you no longer need. And this can all be done according to your company’s recycling programs and environmental policies. Here’s the JK Moving Services approach […]

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JK Helps Local Women’s Shelter Do More with Less

JK Moving proudly donated moving services to Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) this past week. We removed excess furniture to donate to Habitat for Humanity and created a more streamlined space for the LAWS staff. The project involved moving office furniture and contents within their Community Services Center. We are excited to share a rave review from LAWS Executive Director, Judy Hanley: “We’re extremely grateful for your donation of move services on February 18 and 19, 2019.  With many items to be removed and many others to be relocated within our Community Services Center, it was a complicated project! The […]

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