Announcement: Winter Storm Pax and JK Moving Services’ Status

The current weather is building to be quite the snowstorm in our area. All members of the JK family have checked in and everyone is doing fine. As a result of the weather, our crews were not dispatched today.

We realize this storm is going to continue throughout the day and we want to make sure our crews are safe, as well as your belongings. This has led to a change in plans and services we can safely offer.

What do you need to know?

  • JK is rescheduling residential moves planned for Friday (2/14). Your coordinator will contact you to confirm the details.
  • We are not accepting any new moves until after Sunday (2/16). We will accommodate those already planning to move.
  • Questions? Feel free to email or call your regular JK contact.
  • JK Phone Numbers:
    • 703-260-4282 (main office)
    • 301-340-6683 (Gaithersburg, MD office)
    • 800-673-8487 (toll-free)

Update as of 12:15 PM 2/13

  • We are in consistent contact with all customers to assess their needs and ensure that everything is managed properly and safely.
  • Reminder to residential customers that they need to clear a path (driveway/sidewalk) for our crews from the house to the moving truck, at origin and destination.
  • If your outdoor/ patio furniture is to be moved, it needs to be cleared before the movers arrive. 
  • Commercial moves will be assessed early Friday morning. While commercial properties tend to be cleared quicker than residential areas, safety is still our number one concern.

We apologize for the inconvenience of rescheduling today’s and tomorrow’s moves. Safety is a priority for us and dispatching crews today would not have been safe. Be sure to follow the JK Facebook and JK Twitter pages for status updates. Again, if you have any questions we are available by phone or email. Stay safe!

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