5 Questions to Ask Prior to Selecting an Office Mover for your Commercial Relocation

Commercial moving presents different challenges than residential moving. For example, how are your files going to be handled? How much lost productivity will there be due to employee downtime? Today, we would like to share five questions to ask your commercial mover before your next office relocation. Are you certified by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®)? IOMI® offers training programs for the best practices in office moving, teaching movers how to minimize the risk of damage to walls, floors, doors, and elevators. Additionally, those certified learn how to minimize the risk of damage to computer equipment and furniture. In […]

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2019 WBJ #1 Office Moving Company

JK Moving Named #1 Office Mover

Every year the Washington Business Journal Book of Lists ranks hundreds of the hottest area companies in their fields.  For the third consecutive year, JK Moving Services has been named the #1 commercial mover in the DC Metro area.  Companies are ranked by their 2018 DC metro area commercial and government revenue. The Book of Lists is a comprehensive ranking of every major company by major industry in the Greater Washington area.  The Washington Business Journal surveys companies, scours documents, and taps other reliable sources to compile the Book of Lists.  Check it out for yourself.

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Picasso of Movers

Find the Picasso of Movers

Look for Those Who Move Fine Art Boxes, furniture, file cabinets. All moving and storage companies have transported them at one time or another. You hope they’ll treat them with care, but how do you truly know?   One way to know is to choose a moving and storage partner who has moved fine art. For instance, if they have moved museums you can be confident that they have the teams, tools, and procedures in place to move your office with care. Consider the experience of the JK Moving team: We’ve mastered relocation of priceless artifacts (Egyptian artifacts, statues, even […]

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Reduce and Reuse

What to Do with Unwanted Office Furniture During a Commercial Relocation

When companies decide to relocate offices there is always discussion on the logistics of the move; how are the files going to be moved, how will the offices be moved, and what will happen with the server equipment? All of these are legitimate questions, and your mover will be able to answer them. One question that needs to be asked is what is going to happen with all of the current office furniture? If all of the furniture will be moved, make sure your mover has received the proper training to safely move all office furniture. But what happens if […]

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How to Evaluate Office Movers the Right Way

Residential and commercial moving present different challenges. Residential moving involves the packing, loading, and moving of household goods for families and individuals. Office moving involves disassembly, moving, and installation of cubicles. It involves disconnecting, moving, and reconnecting PCs and other computer equipment. It involves archiving of wanted documents and shredding of unwanted ones. Another key difference between the two types of moves is the need for specialists. It is possible to move your home on your own, but moving your business requires experts. Both office moving and residential moving place stress on the people relocating. In uncertain economic times, as […]

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Rogue Movers

Beware of Shady Movers (Pt. 2) — How to Vet a Moving Company

This post was written by Chuck Kuhn, President and CEO, JK Moving Services. I recently wrote about rogue movers in response to the case of Carlyn Lucas, who had her items held for ransom after a moving company charged her more than triple what they originally quoted. Cases like this are far too common, so customers need to be sure to properly vet their potential moving companies before committing to any. Below, I offer advice to help you ensure that your moving company is reputable. Know your payment options Before you make any commitments, ask the sales representative how much you […]

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