8 Tips to Avoid Rogue Movers

Busy season is no longer fast approaching, it’s here! And sadly, with moving season in full swing, so too are the rogue movers that discredit the industry as a whole.  Here at JK, we want to provide a few tips and suggestions to help avoid rogue movers. Follow these tips and you should have a smooth move.

  1. Give Yourself Time.

    You’ll need time to receive three in-home estimates. This will allow you to set a budget, research several companies, compare the estimates, ask questions, and book your preferred move date. If you wait until the last minute to find a mover, you are putting yourself at risk.

  2. Validate your mover.

    Are they an AMSA Certified ProMover? Are they registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with a valid U.S. DOT number? Some companies will use variations of a well-known mover’s brand name for their name, so make sure you are working with the correct moving company.

  3. Get referrals.

    You ask for referrals all of the time, so why not ask for a mover? Ask friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and real estate agents for suggestions. Use their feedback to begin the process.

  4. In-home estimates are necessary.

    As mentioned above, you should receive three in-home estimates. The in-home estimate allows the certified move consultants to see all of your belongings to give you an accurate estimate.

  5. Ask questions.

    Most likely, you don’t move every year. Movers have the answers to your questions and it’s our job to answer them. If you have a question regarding your estimate or delivery window, it’s much better to address these concerns before the move has started rather than during. Consider it a warning sign if a mover does not want to answer or deflects your questions.

  6. After all of the estimates, be wary of the low price.

    If a price from one mover is significantly lower than all other estimates, re-check the estimate to verify what is and is not included (make sure you are comparing all the estimates “apples-to-apples.”). Remember, you get what you pay for.

  7. If you are having a hard time deciding on a moving company, visit their facilities.

    How many trucks do they have? How clean is their storage facility? Will they give you a tour even if you’ve arrived unannounced? The answers to these questions reflect on the type of mover you’re going to select.

  8. Know your rights.

    Federal law requires your mover to give you a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” prior to an interstate move.

We understand why people want to move in the summer, so we offer these tips to protect customers and make sure they receive a stress-free move. Do you have any other suggestions to avoid rogue movers? Leave them in the comments below!

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