6 Reasons to Store Documents at a Records Center

At JK Moving, our commercial team members are often asked, why should a company store documents in a records center? We believe there are numerous benefits to storing documents off-site and in a secure location. Today, we would like to share six benefits of storing documents in a professional records center.

There are many benefits to storing company files at a Records Center.
There are many benefits to storing company files at a Records Center.

  1. Barcode Technology.

    A record center will use barcode technology to track and code every box that enters the warehouse. With the tracking software, records centers have the capability to tell a company when a box was requested, who asked for it to be delivered, and when it was validated as coming back to the center.  Barcode technology is the most accurate and efficient way to track documents at both the box and file level.

  2. Security.

    All companies deal with sensitive data every day, and keeping that information safe is always a struggle.  The single biggest threat to any organization is its own employees.  They know what the information means and also how it can be used.  Offsite centers do not go into containers unless requested and more importantly do not understand the information contained in the documents.  Containers are also stored in a random method, meaning Company ABC does not have a specific section in which their documents are kept.  Only those personnel with access to the records management software can determine the location of any particular container.

  3. Compliance.

    Companies often have retention schedules that need to be implemented and followed for legal reasons.   A commercial record center can help your company by notifying you when records are due for review or destruction.

  4. Random Storage.

    An additional benefit of a commercial record center is that all records are not stored together as a group.  Containers are stored randomly, which adds an element of security to the process.  Only record center personnel with access to the document management software can determine the location of any particular container.

  5. Document Destruction.

    In addition to notifying you when documents are eligible for review/destruction, most record centers offer shredding services.  After receiving written instructions to do so, the center can destroy the documents and provide you with a “Certificate of Destruction.” A records center will only shred your documents when they are ready to be discarded; they are never thrown into the trash. Shredding protects the interests of the company and the records center, as both parties know that all of the data has been properly disposed. Shredding removes the risk of sensitive data being discovered.

  6. Safety.

    Many commercial record centers are members of PRISM (Professional Records and Information Systems Management) and NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) and follow established safety and operational guidelines provided by those associations. Most established record centers are also members of additional associations or have certifications in various disciplines which focus on records management.

At JK Moving we firmly believe in the benefits of storing documents in a records center. The company saves money, time, and space. On top of that, a company protects its workers from harm, and itself from legal issues stemming from records retention. Are there any other benefits you’ve experienced? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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