5 Tips for Using Portable Storage

Today we’re providing tips and ideas for using portable storage. These handy tips will ensure a positive portable storage experience.

Portable Storage is an option for DIY Moving.
Portable Storage is an option for DIY Moving.

  1. Use the correct packing materials.

    Boxes, bubble wrap, furniture wrap, packing peanuts, packaging tape, and more are readily available here. Also, refer to our packing videos for ideas and professional tips on the best practices for packing. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to pack; it will take longer than you anticipate. Plan ahead!

  2. Create an Inventory.

    Create an inventoried list of all items to keep track of your boxes and belongings. This is especially important if you have more than one portable storage container.

  3. Create a load plan.

    Place the items that you’ll need to access closer to the front of the container. For example, keepsakes should go towards the back of the container; while your off-seasonal clothing should go nearest the door. Heavier items should be loaded on the floor and evenly distributed around the container for balance. Be aware that the size of an object or box has nothing to do with its weight. A large box containing a lightweight oversized lampshade could be crushed by a smaller box containing heavy books.

  4. Think vertical.

    As a general rule, most items are stronger when they’re on their vertical plane, as opposed to horizontal. For example, dishes should be packed on edge; sofas should stand up in the container on end, and tables on edge. Packing vertically will also help you make the best use of space.

  5. Use this time to de-clutter.

    Less is more. Use this time to decide if these are goods you want to keep or donate.

Do you have any tips from your experience with portable storage? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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