2012 Earth Day Event

At JK Moving we realize the need for recycling and sustainable business practices, particularly in commercial office moving. In honor of this Earth Day, we’re doing something a little bit more than we usually do; we’re taking our services to an entire building! On April 26th we will be in Arlington, Virginia to perform e-cycling for an entire building. What’s involved with the “e-cycling?”

JK employee sorting electronics to be properly recycled.
JK employee sorting electronics to be properly recycled.

For this particular event we are providing our services to the entire building to collect excess paper and unwanted electronics. The paper we collect will be securely shredded and recycled. The electronics will be properly recycled. It’s important to note that some items can be recycled while others cannot. Please click here for a list of what can and cannot be recycled.

We run our business like it’s Earth Day, every day. For this Earth Day we had three goals. First, we want to raise awareness of the importance of properly recycling electronics and properly destroying important documents. Second, we want to be proactive and reach out to the business community and demonstrate the usefulness and the benefits these services provide. And finally, we want to raise awareness of an alternative option to recycling, which is re-use of item via donation. We will store commercial goods in our warehouse and offer them to non-profit organizations.

Is there anything you or your company does in honor of Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. It’s comforting to know that a company I work for assists with these recyling efforts in undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced regions of the world. Not only that, but this is an area where start-ups are abundant and may often rely on second-hand or refurbished office equipment to get them going. JK is a resource that helps channel that equipment to the right place and continues to be an Earth-friendly place to work.

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