10 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas to Give the Bachelor/Bachelorette Next Door

As we all know, moving can be an overwhelming task.  And if you get a new neighbor, it’s nice to reach out and make them feel welcome (also see easy ways to meet your new neighbors).  Introducing yourself to a new neighbor can seem daunting and awkward to some, and perhaps even more so if the new neighbor is a single person you’d like to get to know better.

Welcoming them to the neighborhood with a gift is often seen as proper “neighborly” etiquette.  Here are our favorite 10 unique housewarming gift ideas from thisiswhyimbroke.com, which you can use to break the ice with the new bachelor or bachelorette next door:

  1. Cereal Killer Spoon

cereal killer spoon














  1. The Magic Wand TV Remote














  1. The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Door Mat


  1. USB Wall Outlet


















  1. Smart Phone App Magnets















  1. Karate Lettuce Chopper


  1. One Handed Party Plate

one handed party

















  1. Facebook Like Button Oven Mitts

















  1. Floating Coffee Mug

















  1. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl



















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