10 Moving Tips to Help Assure a Stress-Free Move This Summer

Here at JK Moving Services, we know how busy it can be to move during the summer months. To help manage the potential stress, we would like to share 10 tips to help assure a stress-free relocation this summer.

JK Employee Moving Goods out of a Home
JK Employee Moving Goods out of a Home

  1. Book your move with as much notice as possible

    • Booking ahead of time, ideally at least two weeks before your move day, will allow you the time to receive three in-home estimates and make your final decision. The moving company also needs to verify that it can move you, on your preferred date.
  2. Do not schedule moves for the last week of the month

    • During the busiest months (during the summer), it would be best to avoid the busiest times of those months–the ends.
  3. Schedule your home closing for the beginning to middle of the month to avoid moving during the periods of high demand.

    • Scheduling mid-month allows a moving company to accommodate the packing and loading of your goods during less hectic periods.
  4. If you have goods going into storage, movers typically need 10- to 14-day notice to accommodate your desired dates.

  5. Do not schedule deliveries on the day you close on your new home.

    • Even if closing is done early, the movers will lose half a day before the job starts, resulting in a move late into evening or split over two days.
  6. Never book airline reservations on your move day.

    • While JK schedules its moves to be completed by 7:00 p.m., there will be cases where jobs will run longer than expected.
    • It is critical that you are present at the day’s end for the final walk-through to ensure all items have been accounted for, placement of furniture, etc.
  7. Be present at both the origin and destination residence (i.e., your former and new homes) during the packing, loading, and delivery process.

    • At origin:  You will need to be there for the initial walk through with the driver to go over what is being moved versus what is staying, and to review the driver’s inventories, and specifically the condition of the goods being moved.
    • At destination: You will need to be present to confirm all goods have been delivered, to note any damages, and tell the crew where you want your goods placed.
  8. Third-party, move related services should not be scheduled for the same day as delivery (e.g. appliance installation).

    • Delivery day can be very hectic with all the new furniture being placed, cartons delivered, and unpacking getting started. Adding another person or service to a crowded area will add to the confusion.
  9. If the characteristics of the move change, inform your Move Coordinators.

    • On each job, a moving company will review the survey documents to determine the type of equipment as well as the size of crew needed.
    • If items and services have been added that were not in the original survey, your moving company should be able to accommodate them, but they need to know in advance to prevent the move from going late into the evening or even next day.
  10. Provide your move team with as much information as possible.

    • The more they know about your specific needs and concerns, the better they will be able to meet and exceed those needs.

Moving does not have to be stressful and we hope these tips help in planning your move. If you have any tips to share or questions regarding a move, please leave them below in the comments.

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  1. All the tips are expressed in the right and positive way. This article can help many of the reader of this article.

  2. Being prepared is key in making sure that the move goes well. These are definitely good suggestions that are worth applying!

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