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Woman's Day

In an article written for Woman’s Day online,  10 Things Mover Won’t Tell You, I am quoted in several instances as the story shares some insight on what movers won’t tell you but think you may already know. While the article seems to aim at divulging information that would make your move a better experience, I wanted to add some additional thoughts that I believe will also be useful.

  • You pay good money for your move so having to tip should not be something you have to worry about during the move. While tipping is not prohibited, we do the best job possible regardless of whether you tip or not. Tips are appreciated but not expected!
  • While you can’t always predict when you will need to move, contact a moving company as soon as you know where you will be moving to and when you have the moving date. The less time you have to choose your moving company, the less options you will have. While mentioned in the article, It is important enough to call it out again.
  • While we try to take the very best care of your items, accidents can happen. If you have damage to any of your furniture because of the move, check your policy and submit any necessary paperwork. Make sure you discuss the benefits of insurance before you move so that you can decide on the proper coverage. Insurance is often looked at as an unnecessary cost by customers but in fact is the guarantee that your items are covered should something happen to them.
  • Don’t always go with the lowest price estimate. While movers will do their best to estimate the exact price of your move the many variables sometimes create differences in the estimated and final cost. JK Moving Services has been moving for over 25 years and we truly understand how much time it will take to accomplish your move. We know it is in the customers best interest to be honest with our estimates so that you know the true final cost of your move.

We appreciate Woman’s Day for writing an article that raises awareness for moving protocols but nothing will replace using commons sense and due dillengence.

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