Why We’re Proud of Our Flawless Military Inspection

As an approved contractor through the U.S. Army Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), JK helps move America’s service men and women from state to state, across the country, and around the world. We provide storage-in-transit (i.e., short-term storage, for when the destination residence is not ready to be occupied) to help facilitate the transition from one base to another, and for personnel stationed overseas, we provide non-temporary storage (i.e., long-term storage of household goods) as long as is needed.

JK Moving Services WarehouseEver wonder what it takes to qualify to transport and store the property and possessions of U.S. Military personnel? Quite a lot, actually. There are stringent requirements to become and remain eligible as a contractor, which are verified by semiannual, unannounced inspections. Domestic facilities are inspected by one of four Regional Storage Management Offices, which are overseen by the SDDC. These 75-point inspections cover everything from cleanliness and security, to storage practices, methods for tracking and retrieving pallets from the warehouse, and record keeping. So we’re proud to say that in a recent warehouse inspection, JK Moving Services passed with a perfect score.

It is the stated policy of the military that all service members receive the same benefits when moving, and that means contractors must consistently deliver service worthy of top brass. To ensure that this is the case, the inspections are strict. How strict? A single aerosol can found in the wrong place can put the entire facility in violation and subject to corrective action, due to a potential fire hazard. That’s how strict.

Now imagine 74 more inspection points, throughout the entire facility, each as stringent and exacting as the last. That’s why we’re proud as a company to get a flawless inspection report. We expect nothing but the best out of our employees, and hold ourselves to high standards, so it’s a confirmation of our efforts to have the U.S. Military give us its stamp of approval once again, and to remain in good standing as a contractor.

We’d like to commend our warehouse team for continuing to live up to this standard of excellence, and we invite our customers and readers to visit our warehouse during business hours to see for themselves.

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